MXC Feature Licenses

MXC Feature Licenses

Feature licenses expand the capabilities of the MXC Conference System. By installing the appropriate feature license on the DIS-CCU (central control unit), the user can increase the maximum number of conference units and the number of interpretation channels.

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MXC Feature Licenses are as follows:

  • FL6000 enables DIS-CCU central control unit to be used with either MXC-series or DCS6000-series conference system components serving up to 250 participants.
  • FL6000-3800 enables expansion up to 3,800 participants.
  • FL6000-INT-8 enables expansion to 8 interpretation channels instead of 4.
  • FL6000-INT-16 enables expansion to 16 interpretation channels instead of 4.
  • FL6000-INT-31 enables expansion to 31 interpretation channels instead of 4.

Contact your Shure dealer to obtain a Feature License.


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