SM35 - Performance headset condenser microphone


Performance headset condenser microphone

The SM35 Performance Headset Condenser Microphone gives multi-instrumentalists the freedom to express themselves without sacrificing sound quality. A tight, unidirectional cardioid polar pattern provides excellent rejection of off-axis sound sources to prevent feedback and signal bleed onstage, whether in use in small clubs, large installations, or arena tours.

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Product Details

  • 2 - Windscreens
  • 1 - Headset Clip
  • 2 - windscreens
  • 1 - microphone clip
  • 1 - RPM626 preamp
  • Wireframe headset fits securely and comfortably for active performers and multi-instrumentalists
  • Tight, unidirectional cardioid polar pattern rejects signal bleed and feedback for use on loud stages and behind floor monitors
  • Flexible gooseneck design allows for optimized placement that further improves source isolation
  • Lightweight and low-profile form enables comfortable, long-wearing use
  • TA4F (TQG) connector is compatible with any Shure wireless bodypack
  • Locking snap-fit windscreens tame plosives, breath, and wind noise for clean and intelligible sound
  • Tailored frequency response refined for clear, crisp vocal reproduction
  • Included in BLX and GLX-D® wireless systems, renowned for their ease of use and reliable performance
  • Legendary Shure precision engineering for durability and performance


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October 16, 2019

Artists change microphones frequently, so the term "recent picture" is relative. Shure offers a variety of headworn mics. See our Applicatio ...

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October 16, 2019

The preamp is the RPM400TQG; it requires phantom power to operate.The RPM400TQG input connector is a TA4M - the same connector used on most Shure body ...

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December 12, 2014

Yes, there is a difference.   Here are the primary differences:SM35 has 9 dB less output level - not critical for singing because the mic is ...

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