A96F - Camcorder Interface


Camcorder Interface

Camcorder interface connects microphones with an XLR-type connector to the 3.5 mm inputs found on camcorders and other recording devices.



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How do I connect a professional microphone to a camcorder?
December 6, 2018

Connecting Microphones to CamcordersThere are many interfaces by the likes of Beachtek, Marantz, Kopul, Saramonic, etc. on the market to help connect ...

Microphone connected to a computer sound card
March 2, 2018

What you are experiencing is the difference in level between different devices. Low impedance microphones, like the SM58 have a very low output level. ...

Does using an 1/8" adapter on an SM7 change the response?
August 30, 2017

You will not lose any quality by going through a simple adapter. But, the output level of the SM7B may be too low in level for a typical sound card. Y ...

Condenser mic for minidisc recorder w/ Plug-in-Power
August 30, 2017

I've read in other questions posted that dynamic mics aren't to be used with this power source.* Using an isolation transformer like the Shure ...