A95UF - Line Matching Transformer (Female XLR to ¼” Male Plug/Female Jack)


Line Matching Transformer (Female XLR to ¼” Male Plug/Female Jack)

Line matching transformer connects a balanced low-impedance microphone to an unbalanced high-impedance input. The transformer prevents high-frequency loss, level loss, and hum or noise pickup associated with the use of high-impedance equipment.



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SM57 into a guitar amp
February 23, 2018

Obtain the Shure A95UF transformer. Connect it to the end of your mic cable and plug the A95UF into your guitar amp.The A95UF converts the low impedan ...

Three essential tools for troubleshooting an audio system
September 17, 2017

Here are Shure's recommendations:1)     Set of quality headphones.  Also, a headphone amp is very useful.2)&nbs ...

How does the DFR differentiate between feedback and music?
August 31, 2017

If feedback is being used in a "musical manner", like a rock quitarist, the DFR cannot tell the difference. It will attack the feedback. Or ...

Transformer used in the A95UF
August 30, 2017

As of December 2015, the A95UF uses the 51A312 transformer. ...

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