SM7B Part 2 - As Promised

SM7B Part 2 - As Promised

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SM7B Part 2 - As Promised

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The SM7B is not only a very versatile microphone, but an inexpensive one. It remains a favorite among artists and engineers alike, both live and in the studio.

And you thought I had forgotten about this!  :)

It's so hard to forget, especially when you come across great videos, like this one from a new group called Willie Sugarcapps:

Did you also spot the KSM44A's in there as well?

Just found this video review:

Shure SM7b Microphone Review. The Secret Weapon Mic!

There's a good reason why you see this mic continuing to pop up.

I just visited Sara Bareilles in rehearsal yesterday and the engineer was using one on Hi-Hat, another application a growing number of engineers are getting hip to.

Finally, if you are a big fan of The Civil Wars new record, John Paul White used it again for his vocals!

In case you missed the first part of this Blog Series, here's the link.

Alright, I've taken up way too much of your morning.  It's time to visit your local Shure dealer, pick one (or 5) up, and find out why so many artists and engineers choose the SM7B!

Thanks for watching,