PSM 300 vs PSM 900: July Subscriber Question of the Month

Allison Wolcott | September 1, 2017 PSM 300 vs PSM 900: July Subscriber Question of the Month

Shure Notes® email newsletter subscribers submit their burning audio questions every month. This month, we explore the feature differences between PSM®300 and PSM®900.


Jeff in Georgia asked about PSM 300 vs PSM 900 features:

I have a PSM 900 IEM system that operates in the 600 MHz band. Since I have to replace it in the very near future in order to comply with the FCC Incentive Auction outcome, I was wondering what significant features or performance I would be sacrificing if I selected the PSM 300 as the model to move forward with.


Pete in Shure product support answered:

If you transitioned to the PSM 300 series of products, you wouldn't have an RF mute function like the P9T has. Also, the P3T transmitter has a fixed 30 mW transmitter output power, and the PSM 300 bodypacks do not have removable antennas. Additionally, the two PSM 300 bodypacks' tuning range is 24 MHz; the PSM 900 bodypack's tuning range is 36 MHz.

Outside of those differences, the P3RA bodypack will function as well as the 900 series. A P3TRA215CL system offers compatibility with our SB900A rechargeable battery, EQ & Limiter functions, great sound quality, and solid metal construction. We recommend PSM 300 to a lot of our customers because it's budget-friendly, simple to set up and troubleshoot, and sounds great.


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Allison Wolcott

Allison Wolcott

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