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Shure Unveils New Campaign For Integrated Systems Business: ‘Make Connections Feel Effortless’

June, 12 2019 |

ORLANDO, JUNE 12, 2019—While many recognize Shure for its 94-year history of providing quality audio solutions in the pro audio space, Shure has also been expanding its presence into the integrated systems space, targeting corporate, government, and educational audiences. As part of its growing commitment to these customers, Shure has unveiled a new campaign – “Make Connections Feel Effortless” – to help educate decision-makers about audio options for business.

A growing number of devices, endpoints, and locations created by video conferencing and other audio needs creates significant tasks for IT departments. With this campaign, Shure aims to help customers think about audio needs earlier in room specification conversations and provide more collaboration around how its products make conference calls sound like face-to-face meetings and presentations sound extraordinary.

“Shure audio equipment has a distinguished history of being trusted on the biggest stages for world leaders and for music legends,” said Jim Schanz, Vice President of Global Integrated Systems Sales at Shure. “We are bringing that quality to boardrooms and meeting rooms in a way that makes it seamless for users to operate and effortless for IT staff to set up and manage.”

Shure’s new campaign will include a new, dedicated site – – that will provide resources and tips for effective conference room set-ups, white papers on building the best audio, and overviews of products.

For example, the site includes an infographic outlining the four key things to consider when “future-proofing” audio networking capabilities. In an independent survey of IT professionals, 58 percent said their corporate infrastructure is either falling short of requirements or will fall short soon. Here are the four considerations listed on the site:

  1. Bandwidth – Do you have, and can you maintain, enough capacity in your corporate network?
  2. Security – How can you ensure the audio network doesn’t put the broader infrastructure at risk?
  3. QoS – How do you ensure that audio and other workloads coexist harmoniously?
  4. Governance – How does everyone work together from decision-making to operation?

The full white paper by analysts Freeform Dynamics is one of the many tools available on Other resources include:

  • A “Room Types and Miking Rooms” white paper
  • An “Audio for Effective Meetings” white paper
  • A blog on “Improving Conference Call Audio”
  • A blog on “Beyond the Boardroom: Now IT Teams Can Support Quality Audio Everywhere”

Additional resources will be added regularly for customers to help navigate the latest in audio technology. To help address these diverse customer needs, Shure offers a variety of easily incorporated solutions for this audience including:

MXA 910 with IntelliMix® DSP

The new MXA910 combines state-of-the-art array microphone technology with Shure IntelliMix® DSP. IntelliMix is a robust set of signal processing tools, including Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Noise Reduction, and Automatic Mixing that offer an unprecedented level of control.

Microflex® AdvanceTM Array Microphones

Meeting rooms need to be optimized to enable team discussion planned or unplanned. Technology shouldn’t get in the way. Shure Microflex® AdvanceTM Array Microphones are discreet microphones that seamlessly fit into existing meeting rooms. The steerable coverage enables precise audio capture, ensuring attendees can be heard.

P300-IntelliMix® Audio Conferencing Processor

AV conferencing is unavoidable in business. Connecting colleagues from multiple locations to discuss, debate, and create new ideas. Don’t let echo, noise, or distortion take over the meeting. The P300-IntelliMix® Audio Conferencing Processor enhances every aspect of conferencing audio. Flexible signal routing enables seamless connectivity between rooms, laptops, even mobile devices. It lets the workforce connect the way they want without impacting the quality of the call.

Shure Network Systems Software

Shure also wants to make connections feel effortless with software. Shure network systems software enables IT/AV professionals to design, deploy, and manage Shure audio products seamlessly to deliver transformative meeting experiences. Software solutions include Designer System Configuration Software, SW6000 Conference Management Software, and the award-winning SystemOn Audio Asset Management Software.

“AV managers have a lot of demands on their time, and we believe system monitoring and maintenance shouldn’t be one of them,” said Chad Wiggins, Senior Category Director, Networked Audio Systems at Shure. “With SystemOn, users can devote their attention to other matters instead of literally running across a campus to manually check status on their array mics, DSPs, and wireless systems.”  

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