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Earning Customer Loyalty and Trust Through Continuing AV Education

David Klein | November 2, 2018
The new Integrated Systems Certification Program from the Shure Audio Institute offers training that gives AV professionals the tools they need to stay ahead of continuing audio technologies.

Don’t Overlobe Your Conference System

Rob Klegon | October 26, 2018
The Shure Microflex® Advance™ Ceiling Array can deploy up to eight lobes for world-class conferencing, but it's important not to overlobe your setup.

How Wireless Microphones Transform Higher Education

John Ellis | October 19, 2018
Wireless microphones can be an incredibly useful tool across all areas of higher education, from use in lectures and at external events to live performances and presentations.

Basic Conference Room Design: A Webinar

Cheryl DaProza | October 5, 2018
In this webinar, we will cover room elements that present challenges when setting up a conferencing system and offer solutions to help alleviate some of the acoustical phenomena that produce them.

Why Automatic Mixing is Crucial for Conferencing

Paul Gunia | October 1, 2018
As the importance of conferencing continues to grow, automixing technology is playing a crucial role in ensuring people can communicate effectively.

Alvik School Equips Students for Lifelong Learning

Andrew Low | September 27, 2018
Alviksskolan, located in the Swedish capital's Bromma district, is a primary school with a quite impressive concept. Around 1,100 students visit Alviksskolan, among them about 120 who are hard of hearing. These students have their lessons in dedicated, smaller classrooms with a well-thought-out room concept and high-quality. A hearing induction loop system enables better communication between students as well as the teachers.

AV in Focus at the Montreux Jazz Festival

Andrew Low | September 24, 2018
Shure invited leading AV integrators, consultants and decision-makers to this year's Montreux Jazz Festival to discuss the latest trends and technologies set to impact the audiovisual sector.

Conferencing Trends from InfoComm 2018

Troy Jensen | July 5, 2018
With InfoComm 2018 now firmly in the rear-view mirror, Troy Jensen takes a quick look back before at the trends he saw while attending.

Microphone Selection and Placement for Conference Rooms: A Webinar

Cheryl DaProza | June 7, 2018
This free webinar will help teach you how to make the best selection when seeking microphones for seamless conference audio.

The Technology Inside the Shure Chicago City Center

Jim Schanz | May 15, 2018
What does it take to create a state-of-the art customer center in an historic 1906 Loop building? Shure Pro Systems Director Jim Schanz takes us behind the scenes to find out.