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Shure and Yamaha: Partnering for the Future of Pro Audio

Rob Fuhlbrugge | February 16, 2018
With the world of pro audio rapidly embracing all things digital, Shure is deepening its partnership with Yamaha to the benefit of customers of both companies. Rob Fuhlbrugge takes a look at the collaborative future of pro audio.

CES Points to the Future of AV/IT Technology

Robin Hamerlinck | February 12, 2018
In the IT sector, the only constant has been change. The ways in which technology is used, the tools available to end users and the backend infrastructure have all undergone several evolutions. CES shows what else the future may hold for AV/IT technology.

Getting AV and IT Talking the Same Language

Shure Incorporated | February 1, 2018
Advances in technology are helping AV and IT grow closer together. But how can companies relying on high-quality conferencing ensure their team speaks the same language?

Style Over Substance: When Sound Suffers in the Conference Room

Andrew Low | January 25, 2018
Good architecture should provide both style and substance. But when form doesn't follow function in the conference room, audio quality suffers.

Protecting Your Audio from Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Josh Siegle | January 8, 2018
Safeguarding confidential data on your IP network is a top priority. Shure has considered the unique security needs of our customers and developed technology to safeguard content without compromising audio quality.

Bridging the AV/IT gap at Cisco Live US

Cassie Berger | October 19, 2017
Shure recently exhibited at Cisco Live in Las Vegas to connect with IT professionals through the digital education and networking event.

Tackling Challenging AV Environments for Historic Attractions

John Ellis | October 5, 2017
At the Intelligent AV conference, AV managers and technicians who work on historic sites discussed the unique difficulties of setting up AV systems in these beautiful old places.

Five Tips to Improve Conference Call Audio

Jessica Sirkin | September 14, 2017
Conference calls are opportunities to make a good first impression. Before important calls, use these tips to make sure your conference call audio is the best it can be.

How Does Echo Cancellation Work During a Video Conference?

Andrew Low | September 11, 2017
We have all experienced our voice echoing through laptop and meeting room speakers or headphones during a video conference with clients or colleagues. Learn why it happens and how to fix it.

Designing AV Systems with Great Audio Quality on a Budget

Jessica Sirkin | August 29, 2017
AV professionals often face the challenge of creating high-quality corporate and campus audio solutions on a low budget. The new P300 can help them bridge the gap.