Teams-Certified Microflex Ecosystem Is Your Express Lane to Great Meeting Audio

Chris Lyons | May 10, 2021 Teams-Certified Microflex Ecosystem Is Your Express Lane to Great Meeting Audio

As the old saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  In fact, it doesn’t take much to convert a stellar virtual meeting experience into one that is full of inexplicable hiccups and frustrating glitches.  That’s why the companies that offer collaboration platforms invest so much time and effort in creating certification programs to vet audio, video, and control system hardware.  And that’s why the entire Microflex ecosystem of AV conferencing hardware from Shure is now Microsoft Teams certified – from array microphones to hardware DSP to networked loudspeakers.

Teams-Certified Means Seamless Integration

Teams-certified audio products provide integrated call status indicators that accurately reflect whether a call is in progress or “off-hook”.  This gives meeting participants confidence that when the light on the microphone is on, a call is in progress; when the light is off, conversations are private.  Functionality is consistent across different products, so user expectations are met regardless of which microphones are deployed in a particular room.

The Microflex ecosystem of Teams-certified microphones, DSP, and loudspeakers take virtual meetings from so-so to superior, providing a better experience for end users and administrators.

For administrators, the Teams-certified Microflex ecosystem “just works” – they’re proven plug-and-play solutions that don’t require extra configuration.  There’s no lengthy period of adjusting, tweaking, and fine-tuning necessary to get good results.  Certified devices also offer regular firmware updates that enable efficient feature and performance upgrades and compatibility with the latest version of Teams software.  These can significantly extend the useful life of your AV equipment, which reduces capital expenses because room refurbishment doesn’t need to happen as frequently.

Superior Sound Is Essential

Of course sound quality is the core deliverable of any audio solution.  For users, Shure array microphones, DSP hardware, and loudspeakers provide wideband audio without annoying echo or room noise.  But since room sizes, seating layouts, and functional needs vary so much, it’s just as important for AV/IT administrators and system integrators to have multiple options to achieve that goal.

For small rooms, one or two table microphones like the MXA310 are often sufficient.  The pickup lobes can be aimed to cover a round, square, or rectangular table, and the integrated mute button is within easy reach.  

In medium-size rooms which often feature a U-shape table configuration, a wall-mounted microphone like the MXA710 provides a broader coverage area that suits tables with more people.  It can be mounted on the wall horizontally or vertically depending on room design constraints, or even recessed into the table for a more custom look.  

The MXA710 Linear Array Microphone features multiple pickup lobes that can cover the entire meeting room

For larger rooms, the MXA910 ceiling array can cover the table as well as a podium or white board area for consistent coverage in different meeting situations.  In training rooms or lecture halls, multiple MXA910’s can be used.

The MXA710 and MXA910 include built-in IntelliMix processing with automatic mixing, acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, automatic gain control, and other features that ensure high quality audio in all kinds of rooms.  When more powerful DSP is desired, the IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor offers eight channels of IntelliMix processing for any assortment of Microflex Advance microphones. 

The Microflex ecosystem for AV conferencing with Teams Certification delivers a no-compromise Teams experience.  When Shure Teams-certified components are used throughout your facility, users experience consistent operation and performance no matter which meeting room they’re in.

Chris Lyons

Chris Lyons

Chris Lyons is a 30-year Shure veteran who has filled a variety of different marketing and public relations roles. His specialty is making complicated audio technology easy to understand, usually with an analogy that involves cars or food. He doesn't sing or play an instrument, but he does make Shure Associates laugh once in a while.