Earning Customer Loyalty and Trust Through Continuing AV Education

David Klein | November 2, 2018 Earning Customer Loyalty and Trust Through Continuing AV Education

As the AV market continues to expand, the technology ecosystem has also become increasingly complex and sophisticated. Modern AV professionals find themselves facing the reality of technical evolution, including the analog-to-digital shift, the move to IP networks, the growing popularity of the cloud and virtualized solutions.

The close relationship of AV with IT and the continual convergence of both sectors has also resulted in a rising demand for AV design and system integration services. Legacy and new AV systems now must integrate into IT networks, infrastructure, and workflows, with the market for AV design and system integration services expected to double by 2022, according to the 2017 AVIXA AV Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis. A large portion of this demand will come from the corporate market, currently the biggest of all verticals in the pro-AV industry.

The Shure Audio Institute provides sophisticated, ongoing training that gives AV professionals the tools to conquer these continuing challenges and opportunities.

Service + Support = Success

Success in this dynamic industry depends on more than manufacturing quality products. Shure is committed to providing industry professionals with up-to-date technical insights and training to effectively navigate the rapidly evolving AV industry.

To ensure that clients and end-users are equipped with a deep knowledge and practical skill set on general and advanced audio topics, Shure developed the Integrated Systems Certification Program. The free program is open to anyone looking to gain sales and technical knowledge as well as expertise on Shure products.

Two Levels

Under the umbrella of the Shure global training and education platform, the Shure Audio Institute (SAI) has launched its new Integrated Systems Certification Program. The program provides individuals, teams, and entire organizations with deep knowledge and practical skills on general technical, sales, and Shure product solutions in the systems integration market.

Serving as an industry-leading source for audio and AV professionals, Shure's Integrated Systems Certification Program consists of two levels:

Level 1 is designed for customer-facing individuals, from sales-focused to technical professionals, who provide their clients with comprehensive product information and application best practices. Courses include Audio Basics for Meetings and Conferences, Wireless Basics, Integrated Systems Portfolio Overview, Selecting the Right Integrated System for the Right Application, Networking for AV Professionals - Part 1 (The Basics),and Best Practices for Interacting with IT Professionals.

Level 2 delivers education for experienced AV integrators, installers, and technical-focused professionals who understand the challenges of system design, setup, and configuration. It includes the Shure Wireless Master Course: Wireless Best Practices and Techniques, Networking for AV Professionals - Part 2 (Merging with the IT World), Conference Room Design Basics, and Dante level 1 and 2 certification administered by Audinate.

Online and In Person

The Shure Integrated Systems Certification Program is delivered virtually to accommodate self-paced learning and can be taken by professionals wishing to expand their knowledge. Selected advanced courses will also be delivered through in-person seminars. Shure is a proud AVIXA Education sponsor and each of the courses provides AVIXA CTS, CTS-D, and CTS-I Renewable Units.

For more information on the training opportunities offered by the Shure Audio Institute, visit https://www.shure.com/americas/support/training/online_trainings.


David Klein

David Klein

David Klein spent 28 years at Motorola as a Technical Training Instructor, Instructor Manager, Senior Manager of Technical Training and Director of Design and Development of Technical Publications and Training. Before Motorola, David spent ten years in the U.S. Navy and 14 years in the Naval Reserve. David has an MBA in Global Management and a BS degree in Vocational Education.