Audio Basics for IT Professionals: A Webinar

Cheryl DaProza | November 27, 2017 Audio Basics for IT Professionals: A Webinar

With the rise of digital audio networking, the line between the IT and AV professional is quickly blurring. For those more comfortable with networking, adding audio networking to the mix can be daunting. Fortunately, we are here to help bridge that knowledge gap.

Audio Basics for IT Professionals

AV equipment and services are now the responsibility of the IT department at many organizations. In this free webinar, Gino Sigismondi and Chris Lyons from Shure will teach IT professionals how to navigate the blend of analog, digital, wired, and wireless technologies that combine to deliver high-quality sound for meetings and conferences. Special attention will be paid to how audio signals can co-exist with office functions on a corporate network.

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Cheryl DaProza

Cheryl DaProza

Cheryl is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Shure with previous experience in the customer service department. She is also a professional singer involved in several tribute, cover, and original bands in the Chicago metro area. In what little spare time she has between work and music, she can be found reading or hanging out with her parrot. Cheryl's favorite mic is the KSM8 and her Twitter handle is @TheUnsungDiva.