Getting the most out of Axient Digital with Wireless Workbench 6

Getting the most out of Axient Digital with Wireless Workbench 6

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Getting the most out of Axient Digital with Wireless Workbench 6

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Amid shrinking spectrum and surging wireless traffic, command and control functionality is becoming increasingly important for professional audio applications. Learn how get the most out of Axient Digital with the Wireless Workbench 6 software.

In a world where spectrum is shrinking and there are more wireless channels on air than ever before, audio engineers face an increasingly tough time managing radio frequency (RF) environments.

Shure developed the Axient Digital wireless solution to provide superior RF and audio robustness, as well as scalability and connectivity for the modern era. And Wireless Workbench 6 (WWB6) is the powerful software suite offering complete command and control functionality of Axient Digital. Engineers can prepare configurations ahead of time and monitor remotely, so they can focus on their main gig – ensuring great audio.

Wireless Workbench 6 has set the standard for wireless audio tech. Comprehensive control of networked Shure wireless systems allows users to monitor and manage every facet of their gear from a laptop, while powerful frequency coordination tools enable the planning of complex and dynamic wireless events.

Let's look at three ways you can get the most out of Axient Digital with Wireless Workbench 6.

System monitoring/diagnosis

Timeline is a WWB6 utility that records channel status of Shure wireless systems over time. This application shows essential channel status parameters of wireless systems such as Axient Digital throughout a performance for monitoring and later diagnosis. This turns a walk test into a one-person job, as techs can reliably track elements like their RF/ShowLink levels as they navigate the venue. What's more, Axient Digital transmitters can be used to drop markers within Timeline so relevant areas can be flagged during a walk-through. Timeline can also log and visualize Channel Quality – an intelligent metric capturing signal-to-noise ratio for Axient Digital.  This is the most comprehensive indicator of a robust RF link and is prominently featured when recording Axient Digital channels within Timeline.


Advanced RF configuration

Quadversity employs patented technology leveraging four simultaneous RF inputs to feed a single RF channel. In hostile RF environments, Quadversity can extend the coverage area of a microphone channel, or enable multiple coverage areas with additional antenna inputs. This increased flexibility makes configuring and monitoring RF channels especially important. In conjunction with Timeline, the monitoring interfaces in WWB6 (Properties Panels, Channel Strips) are enhanced to convey Axient Digital in all of its modes of operation. Devices in Quadversity are displayed with four RF inputs per channel, providing visibility to raw RF signal inputs per antenna. Transparency and specificity are vital when tuning any wireless system and even more important when extending RF coverage for mission-critical applications.



Remote monitoring and control

Axient Digital provides a new level of control for transmitters in a wireless system. Transmitter registration allows users to ensure that only the desired units are passing audio, regardless of encryption status or model. ShowLink™ enables end-to-end control of the wireless signal chain with ADX-series transmitters. Axient Digital receiver channels can be linked to up to eight transmitters at a time, and with ADX, the active transmitter can be managed and switched remotely. This enables the sharing of frequencies across transmitters that do not operate simultaneously, which is ideal for guitar techs managing several bodypacks for their talent, or for presenters at corporate events, who may switch between a handheld or bodypack transmitter. Full control of linked ADX transmitters from within WWB6 gives users the access to modify transmitter properties directly from their computers and the visibility to monitor the status of all linked transmitters in a single view.

Wireless Workbench 6 brings Shure wireless users new levels of intelligent control and monitoring. When used together with Axient Digital systems, WWB6 becomes an essential tool for productions demanding the highest levels of excellence from wireless audio solutions.