Wireless Workbench 7: New Scan Library, Updated Look and More!

Wireless Workbench 7: New Scan Library, Updated Look and More!

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Wireless Workbench 7: New Scan Library, Updated Look and More!

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Shure is excited to announce new features and capabilities in Wireless Workbench to help audio professionals simplify RF spectrum management - no matter the location.

Shure is excited to announce Wireless Workbench 7 to help you manage RF in any location – no matter the environment. We’ve added several new features to give you full command of your compatible wireless devices.

With the Wireless Workbench® 7 (WWB7), you can now take advantage of the following major new features:


WWB Scan Library  

View recently uploaded RF scans with the integrated WWB Scan Library before arriving at the venue. Access recent scans other users have taken and share your own to make pre-coordination easy.

Visit scans.shure.com to get started today.







WWB7 Has a New Look

You’ve asked. We’ve listened. We’re excited to announce that Wireless Workbench 7 is now offered in an optimized dark mode to guarantee a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light environments.



Welcome Screen 

After launching WWB7, you will now see a new Welcome screen where you can:

  • View your recently edited files
  • Create new files
  • Edit your network settings





Show Pack 

WWB7 allows you to save Show Packs containing all the files necessary for recreating your show file. Say goodbye to email tag.


Improved Device Discovery 

With WWB7, you can tell how many devices are discovered on each network interface to ensure a more efficient network selection for your gear.




Improved HD Mode Support  

We also have some exciting news if you use Axient Digital and ULX-D IN HD mode. You can now generate a set of evenly spaced, compatible frequencies by right-clicking on the device profile header.



Updated Reports 

Wireless Workbench now provides more ways to customize reports to ensure you only view the information you need in a report. 




Improved Zone Management 

We understand that accidents happen. You will now be asked if you mean to clear all zone mappings to ensure you don’t accidentally remove them in the Advanced Zone Management configuration window.

Note: The following features are no longer supported in WWB7. Please continue to use WWB6.15.3 if the features below are required:

  • Online UHF-R control and monitoring
  • Frequency Conversion (e.g., converting a J50 receiver to J50A).
  • Import and export inventory

Are you ready to simplify RF spectrum management? Download WWB7 Today