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4 Commonly Asked Questions about Shure GLXD16

Marc Henshall | 14/02/2014
We answer questions form NAMM about the new Shure digital wireless pedal system - GLXD-16.

SRH940 vs. SRH1540 - Which Is Best?

Marc Henshall | 24/01/2014
Recently, Shure released the new SRH1540 premium closed back headphones. We explain the difference between SRH940 and our new premium model.

Sometimes All You Need Is an SM58

Marc Henshall | 08/11/2013
A look at the SM58/57 as an unconventional studio mic, and the surprising number of records using the SM58 or SM57 as a vocal microphone.

Wireless Systems and Antenna Placement

Davida Rochman | 19/09/2013
Mistakes in antenna selection, placement, or cabling can lead to a host of problems. Davida Rochman walks you through what to do to avoid antenna problems.

Shure in World War 2 - The Ultimate in Reliable Performance

Marc Henshall | 22/08/2013
A look at allied forces use of Shure mics during world war 2 and why the same build standards are upheld to this day.

Keeping Your Microphone Clean

Marc Henshall | 20/08/2013
Mic's can become dirty with use. But how can you keep your microphone hygienic? Shure give you some tips.

Talkin’ Church Mic Basics with Gino Sigismondi: Mic Selection and Placement

Davida Rochman | 13/05/2013
In the second half of our two-part series, Shure Associate Gino Sigismondi, who many of you know from articles in Shure Notes as well as training sessions at seminars and conferences, explains the different types of mics used in church applications along with tips on where to place them.

Talkin’ Mic Basics with Shure’s Gino Sigismondi: Choosing the Right Mic

Davida Rochman | 19/04/2013
Sometimes people ask us, "Why do you guys make so many different types of microphones?" The answer is: there are many different applications that require different form factors – handheld, headset or stand-mounted and different technologies that produce different sound qualities.

What's the Difference Between the SM58 and the SM57?

Marc Henshall | 10/04/2013
The SM57 & SM58 are both icons in their own right. Your selection is a matter of application. We get to the facts.

What's the Difference Between the SM58 and the Beta58A?

Marc Henshall | 26/03/2013
Both mics are characterised by sound quality and reliable performance; however, there are differences that suit specific applications.