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Flogging Your Vlog: A YouTube Primer for Musicians

Shure Incorporated | 14/04/2020
Having a vlog is a great way for musicians to build a following and connect to fans. The singer-songwriter HANNAH TRIGWELL offers a useful YouTube primer.

Signal Path Podcast: Burger Records

Thomas Banks | 14/04/2020
Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast with LEE RICKARD from BURGER RECORDS, a magical SoCal institution known for its devotion to the cassette.

Musicians Collaborate Remotely while Recording at Home

Andrew Anderson | 09/04/2020
With concerts and recording sessions cancelled around the world, resourceful musicians are getting creative at home and collaborating remotely.

How are you doing? Zoe Milton reflects on mental well-being when the industry we love is forced to shut down.

Zoe Milton | 09/04/2020
Zoe Milton gives her own personal experience and advice on how she as a freelancer has adapted to working from home under the recent lockdown measures.

How to Produce a Podcast from Home

Shure Incorporated | 07/04/2020
Lousy acoustics, remote interviews and more: Recording a podcast from home can be a real challenge. JILL BEYTIN from the BEAR RADIO podcasting network has some pointers to ensure you sound great.

Avoiding Common Audio Production Pitfalls

Shure Incorporated | 30/03/2020
Don’t let widespread misconceptions about audio bog you down. Music production lecturer DUSTIN RAGLAND debunks some common myths – and offers pointers how to learn from them.

Signal Path Podcast: Hannah Trigwell

Marc Young | 23/03/2020
Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast with HANNAH TRIGWELL, an English singer-songwriter who’s gone from busking the streets with a guitar to online stardom.

DIY Guitar: Building Your Own Six-String

Marc Young | 16/03/2020
Think you know your guitar? Try making one! Whether you’re hoping to become the next Stradivarius or simply craft a custom Stratocaster, building a guitar can teach you a lot about your instrument.

Shure24: Getting Alone with Miink

Malcolm Jack | 09/03/2020
Long preferring to avoid the stage, MIINK has always considered music a deeply personal affair. But fans of the singer and producer are refusing to let him stay in the studio.

Signal Path Podcast: Leo Moracchioli

Shure Incorporated | 27/02/2020
Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast with LEO MORACCHIOLI, the multi-instrumentalist mastermind behind the popular Frog Leap Studios channel on YouTube.