Setouchi Town Hall energizes discussions and transforms operations with MXCW

Setouchi Town Hall energizes discussions and transforms operations with MXCW

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Situated in the southernmost part of Amami Oshima island in Japan's Kagoshima Prefecture, Setouchi Town Hall governs a diverse area of about 240 square kilometers, spanning multiple smaller islands. The region, known for its subtropical oceanic climate, natural beauty, and thriving fishing industry, is a popular tourist destination. 

In 2019, Setouchi launched the "Setouchi Town Long-Term Promotion Plan" which actively promotes digital transformation (DX). This strategic initiative aims to foster sustainable development through the modernization of citizen services, education, and administrative operations using latest digital technologies.


The Setouchi Town Hall Assembly frequently conducts various meetings, from regular and extraordinary sessions to issue-specific discussions. These meetings, managed by the council secretariat, take place across diverse locations, including large conference halls as well as smaller meeting spaces.

In the past, the Town Hall relied on handheld wired microphones for sound reinforcement in these meetings. The manual exchange of microphones between members created inefficiencies, hindered the conversation flow, and also raised hygiene concerns. Moreover, the variety of meeting locations called for a flexible and easily movable system. 

The existing audio equipment was cumbersome and time-consuming to set up, and a burden on the secretariat staff. An upgrade was necessary which would ensure non-contact microphone access for each Assembly member at their seat, easy portability across different meeting locations, and improved overall audio experience.


Setouchi Town Hall partnered with integrator Nippon Information Processing Center and Shure to introduce the Microflex Complete Wireless (MXCW) system. A versatile and user-friendly wireless conference system, MXCW eliminated the need for complicated wiring and significantly streamlined communication in meetings. 

The system can be started up by merely inserting the rechargeable batteries into the Conference Units. Wireless Conference Units equipped with gooseneck microphones and integrated speakers can be flexibly placed in front of attendees, who can easily speak by simply pressing a button on the device. 

The Conference Units are stored in a dedicated wagon complete with the MXCW Access Point Transceiver and Charging Stations. This allows easy transportation between the diverse meeting locations within Setouchi Town Hall and adjacent Community Center.


The implementation of MXCW has led to significant improvements in meeting dynamics at Setouchi Town Hall and has supported more efficient discussions within the time constraints of committee meetings. 

The system has been praised for its user-friendliness and operational simplicity, with members unfamiliar with the technology being able to utilize it effortlessly even without training. MXCW's portability also promoted broader application across various departments. Furthermore, the clear, high-quality audio significantly assisted staff in compiling accurate meeting minutes more effectively, reducing staff workload and previous outsourcing costs for transcription.

The introduction of MXCW not only enhanced Setouchi Town Hall's audio experiences but also showcased the transformative potential of such upgrades. Termed “DX that starts with sound”, it affirmed Setouchi Town Hall's commitment to innovation through digital solutions and validated that sound technology can be a driving force in the digital transformation of local government administration.

“Shure's conference system is portable, easy to use, and has high-quality audio. It not only energizes discussions, but also helps in reforming the process of creating minutes -- making DX possible through sound. ”

Mr. Junichi Cho, Director General, Setouchi Town, Kagoshima Prefecture Assembly Secretariat

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
MXCW640 MXCW640 20 Wireless Conference Unit for Microflex Complete Wireless conference system. Configurable as Chairman, Delegate, Listener, or Ambient Microphone unit.
MXCWAPT MXCWAPT 1 Access Point for Microflex Complete Wireless conference system. Controls up to 125 MXCW640 wireless conference units.
MXCWNCS MXCWNCS 2 Networked Charging Station for SB930 rechargeable batteries used in MXCW640 Wireless Conference Unit.