Celebrating Female Artists ‘Maed in India’

Shure Incorporated | March 15, 2021 Celebrating Female Artists ‘Maed in India’

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month in March, Shure has partnered with the podcast Maed in India to showcase some up-and-coming Indian artists to watch.

Focused on the country’s independent music scene, Maed in India prides itself on being the India’s leading destination to discover new artists, little known stories and songs never heard before.

The weekly show features all kinds of artists from new-comers to veterans and under a variety of genres from hip hop, blues, soul, to folk, punk, rock, and everything in between. 

Each episode presents an interview with an artist or band along with an exclusive stripped down session or acoustic renditions of their original music. For several special shows in March, the podcast’s host Mae invited up-and-coming female artists from across India.

Check out the first session with trio Queendom below.

Check out another one with the pop singer-songwriter Zoe Siddharth.

Discover more artists on the Maed in India YouTube page.

Shure supported these special episodes with the following gear:

1. MV7

2. SM7B

3. KSM8

4. KSM44A

5. KSM313/NE

6. SRH440

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