The Path to Extraordinary Sound - Insights from TobyMac's Audio Pros

The Path to Extraordinary Sound - Insights from TobyMac's Audio Pros

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The Path to Extraordinary Sound - Insights from TobyMac's Audio Pros

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Watch TOBYMAC’s engineering team, PAT HAAPANEN and HEATH MAHON, discuss how they achieve peerless audio with advanced equipment from Shure.

Music isn’t just something you hear – it’s something you feel. For an artist, the goal is to create an immersive experience for their audience. To do this, they need a mix of great talent, a skilled audio team, and top-quality wireless technology.

Pat Haapanen and Heath Mahon, the talented sound engineers for Grammy-winning artist TobyMac, recently shared their experiences with top-notch Shure audio equipment during the US singer’s recent tour.

Watch the full video interview below with TobyMac’s team to witness how Shure has taken his sound to new heights.



Haapanen, the front-of-house mix engineer, endorsed the robustness and reliability of Shure microphones and wireless systems. He said when it comes to providing the best possible sound quality, it is essential to rely on equipment that won’t disappoint you – and this is what Shure delivers every single time.

Mahon, the monitor engineer for TobyMac, praised the KSM11 microphone. He commended its clear and present sound quality that provides a natural vocal range. The mic’s clarity, open feel without harshness, and round low end offer a full, immersive sound experience.

The duo also expressed their confidence in the Axient Digital system, highlighting its crucial role in their success. Its flexibility, range, and ability to utilize the available spectrum efficiently make Axient Digital indispensable in big cities and large venues.

A game-changer for the team is the Shure AD600 Spectrum Analyzer. This tool helped them coordinate faster, monitor in real-time, and improve their daily workflow significantly. The AD600 gives them a clear view of things that might not typically be visible, ultimately enhancing the quality of their work.

Mahon pointed out that beyond innovative products, it’s excellent customer service that truly sets Shure apart.

Discover the world of groundbreaking Shure audio equipment and elevate your sound to new heights. Learn more about how Shure can be your partner in delivering extraordinary sound experiences.


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