Shure QLX Digital and BLX Wireless Systems Brings Structure and Resistance to Volvo Congress Center in Bologna

Shure QLX Digital and BLX Wireless Systems Brings Structure and Resistance to Volvo Congress Center in Bologna

Customer Profile

Volvo Congress Center is one of the main congress centers in Italy. Located in Bologna, one of the country's major hubs, the center can host up to 11,000 people and occupies over 13,750 square meters of exhibition space which is divided into 4 conference rooms, 9 meeting rooms and an exhibition area.


The Volvo Congress Center‘s previous audio system was structured by individual systems that varied from room to room. This caused a handful of management and coordination limitations. 

Bologna Congressi, part of BolognaFiere Group, who manages the venue requested a state-of-the-art audio-visual solution which can boost the prestigious Congress Center’s ability to host more conferences, meetings and events on a daily basis.


LG Integrated Service (Integrator)developed and implemented an AV solution on a modular, reliable and a high-performance network calibrated for the many areas of the center.

The Shure QLX-D Wireless Microphone system with SM58 capsule was chosen for the auditorium due to its capability of ensuring reliable and fluid transmission even in critical RF environments such as rooms with hundreds of people.

In addition to this, all meeting rooms have been equipped with Shure BLX Wireless Microphones. The microphones were chosen because of their ease of use. The system also offers outstanding reliability in transmission and resistance in structure.


With the successful installation of Shure QLX-D and BLX, now the Volvo Congress Center offers crystal clear audio and a reliable, interference-free structure.

"In the 4K era we were still in the VGA. But technology and equipment aside, an update was needed to make the rooms more functional and consistent with the technological standards which we are all more or less accustomed to” said Luca Capelli, the Operations Director of the Rooms at Volvo Congress Center.

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
BLX24R/SM58 8 Industry standard microphone tailored to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction. With rack-mount analogue transmission.
QLXD24/SM58 2 This system is available as QLXD24/SM58. It contains a QLXD2 handheld transmitter with SM58 microphone head and a QLXD4 receiver.