Equipping the multi-functional events room of the Andelfingen Car Showroom with ULX-D and QLX-D wireless systems for events of all kinds and sizes

Equipping the multi-functional events room of the Andelfingen Car Showroom with ULX-D and QLX-D wireless systems for events of all kinds and sizes

Customer Profile

The car showroom in Andelfingen is a unique experience center in the Swiss canton of Zurich. Opened in November 2021, it offers a wide range of services and products for the aging population. The car showroom contains catering facilities, such as a restaurant and a hotel with 20 rooms, including an old-timer parking lot, vehicle hire and an old-timer workshop. The overall concept also includes a diverse events location, which offers event and conference rooms of different sizes with space for up to 450 people over two stories.

After a two-year planning and construction phase, the Andelfingen Car Showroom provided a comfortable place that brought the flair of classic cars to life with a modern atmosphere, combined with an events center for events of all kinds and sizes, equipped with the latest AV technology.



The centerpiece of the events location is the 324 m2 multi-functional events hall on the ground floor. Clever division into different 'creative spaces' has provided a wide range of opportunities for all kinds of events for small groups, or up to 450 people. This flexible room design concept also requires, among other things, flexible voice pick-up options – both across the entire showroom area, and when using one or more creative spaces.

B+T Bild+Ton AG, based in Rothenburg/Lucerne, was tasked with planning and installation. As well as the events hall, Bild+Ton also equipped the restaurant with sound technology and the 20 hotel rooms with TV installations.



Digital wireless systems by Shure were implemented to optimally pick up speakers in every usage situation, regardless of the nature or size of the event, and transmit an outstanding audio signal to the sound systems.

Two handheld transmitters and four bodypack transmitters are now available for larger events, as well as the corresponding dual and quadruple radio receivers from the high-performance ULX-D series. Handheld transmitters and radio receivers from the QLX-D series can be used for medium-sized and smaller events. The version with the extremely popular Beta 58A was used for the handheld transmitters in both series. This microphone provides a powerful, clear and present sound, with maximum protection from feedback.

Four UA864 broadband antennae were also integrated to prevent signal losses over long routes, or due to complex structures in the room. These can be fastened normally to the wall or ceiling and can be optimally adapted to fit the color of the wall or ceiling, thanks to their housing, which can be painted.



Be it company events, conferences or weddings – the events location of the Andelfingen Car Showroom was designed so that it could be managed and used to meet all sorts of individual needs. The digital wireless systems by Shure guarantee that voice pick-up will have the required flexibility and professional quality, even for multiple speakers.

"We chose the digital wireless systems by Shure to create the ideal usage conditions for every occasion," says Michelle Kilbert, Event Manager and Marketing Manager of the Andelfingen Car Showroom. "Thanks to the audio solution chosen, we now have the opportunity to get a wide variety of uses out of our events hall, and use it for different event sizes."

Transmitters and receivers in the ULX-D and QLX-D series by Shure can easily be configured in accordance with the dynamic circumstances in the location, can be scaled if needed, and make every event in the car showroom a real experience with the highest audio quality.


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Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
ULXD4Q ULXD4Q 1 Digital quad wireless receiver offers an intelligent four-channel option for use in any professional sound reinforcement application.
ULXD4D ULXD4D 1 Digital dual wireless receiver offers an intelligent dual-channel option for use in any professional sound reinforcement application.
BETA BETA 58A 4 Vocal microphone provides a detailed sound due to its tailored frequency response and supercardioid polar pattern.
QLX-D QLX-D 1 Digital wireless system combines robust wireless performance with easy set-up and digital audio quality.