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Ceiling Array Microphone

Product Details

  • Steerable Coverage™ Technology: Configure up to 8 separate pick-up patterns (lobes) in three dimensions to capture high quality participant audio from overhead.
  • IntelliMix® DSP: an expanded suite of proprietary DSP tools that optimize voice quality by reducing room noise and improving speech intelligibility.
  • Flexible Networking: Mix, route and manage the signals from each coverage area as discrete channels on a Dante or AES67 network over a single Ethernet cable. An additional automix channel provides added flexibility.
  • Seamless Integration: Programming-free LED mute sync with leading software conferencing solutions (when used with IntelliMix P300 or ANIUSB-MATRIX)
  • Designer System Configuration Software: Quickly and easily create room configurations offline and deploy them online.
  • Mounting Flexibility: Seamlessly integrate arrays within room designs via flush mounting (standard tile dimensions), pole or suspension mounts.


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