Make The World Your Stage: Holocene mit Give Me Life, Give Me Love

MAKE THE WORLD YOUR STAGE ist zurück! Als nächstes diesen Sommer übernimmt die Künstlerin HOLOCENE aus London die Bühne, mit ihrer noch nicht veröffentlichten Single "Give Me Life, Give Me Love".

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Sing Like the King: Shure and ‘Elvis’ the Movie

The King may have left the building, but his legend endures with the release of Baz Lurhmann’s new Elvis biopic starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks. Shure Historian Michael Pettersen explains how he helped keep the mics in the movie legit.

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Is the SM58 the most popular microphone of all time? Quite possibly, yes. What else could handle Run-DMC’s rhymes, Frank Carter’s screams and Mitski’s drama with such ease? There’s simply no substitute when you’re onstage and everything is on the line. It looks right. It feels right. Most importantly, the SM58 just sounds the way a microphone should. It sounds natural.

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