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Beyond the Basics: Drum Miking

Davida Rochman | 11/05/2009
We talked to three drummers whose approaches to drum miking are as different as their musical odysseys: Jim Riley, Paul Wertico, and finally, Simon Phillips.

Recording with the X2u XLR-to-USB Adapter

Davida Rochman | 06/04/2009
Learn how to use your favorite microphones to digitally record on your Mac or PC whenever and wherever you want.

Mic Basics: Directionality

Davida Rochman | 28/03/2009
Part three of our three-part series on microphone basics. In this episode, Chris Lyons talks about microphone directionality, both unidirectional and omnidirectional.

Six Keys to Better Audio for Home Recording and Podcasting

Davida Rochman | 09/03/2009
The Foo Fighters first album. Stand-up Mark Maron's twice-weekly WTF podcast. What they have in common is technology that makes it possible for artists to launch their careers by creating professional recordings in a bedroom, basement, garage or hotel room. They did it and so can you.

Using Audio Effects: Part 2

Davida Rochman | 02/03/2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Davida Rochman | 04/02/2009
In this episode, Chris Lyons is joined by Tim Vear to answer FAQs and discuss how to clean a microphone grill and how to hook up a mic up to a computer.

Venue Miking

Davida Rochman | 02/02/2009

Secrets of EQ

Davida Rochman | 19/01/2009

Using Audio Effects: Part 1

Davida Rochman | 23/10/2008

Wireless 101 Part Three: Antennas

Davida Rochman | 01/08/2008