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Disponível na mídia impressa e on-line, a revista LOUDER visa inspirar criadores de música e fãs.

Preparing for 700MHz Clearance: Q&A with Autograph Sound

Marc Henshall | 10/04/2019
What impact does the clearance of the 700 MHz spectrum have on one of the biggest sound design and equipment rental companies in the UK? Shure’s Marc Henshall gets the answers from Duncan Bell of Autograph Sound.

MOTIV Sessions: Larkin Poe

Shure Incorporated | 09/04/2019
Watch Rebecca and Megan Lovell from roots rock band Larkin Poe perform ‘Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues’ at Bell Tone Recording in Berry Hill, Tennessee.

Aziz Ibrahim: ‘I’m the Bruce Lee of Guitar’

Andrew Anderson | 08/04/2019
Never heard of AZIZ IBRAHIM before? Well, you’ve almost certainly savored his guitar stylings. Over the years, this British musical chameleon has played with The Stone Roses, Asia, Hot Chocolate, Paul Weller and more.

Great Guitar: Practice Makes Perfect

Shure Incorporated | 07/04/2019
Many guitarists love to play but hate to practice. British blues musician MARY SPENDER offers advice on how to make practicing part of your regular routine.

Semperosa Performs ’The Swamp’ at The Famous Gold Watch

Shure Incorporated | 06/04/2019
Watch singer-songwriter Semperosa perform her song ‘The Swamp’ in the garden of The Famous Gold Watch, our partner studio in Berlin, Germany.

Wireless 101: How to Get the Most Out of Your First Wireless System

Cheryl DaProza | 04/04/2019
You know you need a wireless microphone system, but where do you start? In our next free webinar, Shure Market Development Lead Laura Davidson breaks wireless down to the basics.

Inside the Axient Digital Micro Bodypack

Michael Johns | 02/04/2019
Michael Johns, Senior Product Manager at Shure, reveals the research, product development and testing behind the ADXIM bodypack.

Five Golden Rules for Audio in Videography – A Webinar

Cheryl DaProza | 02/04/2019
Any great video can be easily spoiled by lousy audio. Shure Senior Director of Global Business Development Achim Gleissner will present five rules for capturing great sound for your videos.

TwinPlex Takes the Stage

John Born | 31/03/2019
After years in development followed by extensive field-testing in the most high-profile events and shows ever, TwinPlex microphones are ready for prime time. Product Manager John Born explains what it took to create one of the most complex microphones Shure has ever built.

All About Wireless: System Planning, Coordination and Monitoring

Hayden Leiper | 26/03/2019
In the thirteenth edition of All About Wireless, we discuss best practices regarding site evaluation and frequency coordination planning.