Indiana Wesleyan University Gets ULX-D® Upgrade

Customer Profile

Indiana Wesleyan University is the largest private college in Indiana and has nearly 3,000 students enrolled.


The university’s Phillippe PerformingArts Auditorium required an audio system upgrade that would operate more efficiently and replace outdated equipment.


Phil Huber, the school’s technicalcoordinator of sound, lighting and media group, installed eight channels of Shure ULX-D® Digital Wireless for its audio quality and modern DanteTM networkedcontrol feature. Shure Wireless Workbench® is also utilized to monitor channels and manage performances.


The ULX-D system has performed flawlessly for university concerts, lectures and other events. Huber and theschool’s audio engineers were soimpressed that the team opted to install an additional eight channels of ULX-D atthe university’s chapel to addressfrequent drop out and RF interference issues.

Indiana Wesleyan is the largest private college in Indiana, based on enrollment, and is one of the largest employers in Grant County. The 350-acre campus is outfitted with the Phillippe Performing Arts Auditorium, where the university hosts a number of concerts, lectures, family camps and more. Recently, the performance center was in need of an audio overhaul to replace old and outdated microphones and sound equipment. The school tasked Phil Huber, technical coordinator of sound, lighting and media group, to identify a new microphone system setup. Huber turned to Shure ULX-D® Digital Wireless and installed eight channels with a combination of handhelds and bodypacks.

ULXD4Q Quad Channel Digital Wireless Receivers, which offer uncompromising audio quality, RF signal stability and advanced setup features in a space-efficient rack unit, were integrated into Phillippe Performing Arts Auditorium. For networked audio applications, thereceivers’ DanteTM digital networking allows multiple channels of audio over a single Ethernetcable. This feature has been especially helpful for when Huber’s team needs to move the front of house setup from the center’s main floor to its balcony, pending the needs of individual performances. Two Shure UA874 active directional antennas were also installed for improved wireless signal reception. With Wireless Workbench®, all wireless microphones can be controlled at the ease of a few clicks.

Impressed with the rock solid performance of ULX-D within the school’s auditorium, Huber doubled its inventory, adding an additional eight channels to the university’s chapel. Prior toULX-D, the chapel experienced frequent drop outs and RF interference issues. By opting for ULX-D and Wireless Workbench, Huber and his crew can now monitor for interference detection and receive alerts for more optimal spectrum. This ensures seamless audiotransmission for the facility’s worship services and community development forums.

Networkability, scalability and sound quality stood out to Huber and it is these ULX-D features that have powered flawless audio for Indiana Wesleyan University.

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
ULXD4 6 Receptor Sem Fio Digital
ULXD2/SM86 8 Transmissor Sem Fio de Mão
ULXD4Q 2 Receptor Sem Fio Digital de Quatro Canais
UA874 2 A antena direcional ativa UHF e VHF oferece melhor recepção de sinal sem fio com amplificação integrada.
ULXD1 8 Transmissor Sem Fio Bodypack
ULXD4Q 2 Receptor Sem Fio Digital de Quatro Canais
ULXD4 2 Receptor Sem Fio Digital
UA874 2 A antena direcional ativa UHF e VHF oferece melhor recepção de sinal sem fio com amplificação integrada.
ULXD1 4 Transmissor Sem Fio Bodypack
ULXD2/SM86 6 Transmissor Sem Fio de Mão