Firmware MXC, DDS5900, DCS6000

Firmware MXC, DDS5900, DCS 6000

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DIS-CCU Central Control Unit

Central control unit for use with MXC-series, 5900-series, or 6000-series conference and discussion units.


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Release Notes
Version 8.5.0

Release 8.5.0 - 2019-07-31 This release contains the following new features and improvements:

Release notes cover the following models:

  • MXC615
  • MXC620/620-F
  • MXC630/630-F
  • MXC640


  • This firmware release consist of the latest firmware version for each of the mentioned units and can be used to upgrade units in a MXC Microflex Conference System and in a DCS 6000 or DDS 5900 system using DIS CCU, CU 5905, CU 6105, CU 6110 Central Units.
  • Systems using CU 6000, CU 6005, CU 6010 and CU 6011 Central Units are not supported in this release.
  • To upload the firmware the FUU Firmware Upgrade Utility, which is part of this firmware release, must be used.


  • DIS-CCU (6000 mode), CU 61xx:
    • Support for Dual role
    • Real-time diagnostics for MXC units:
      • Loop problem (due to cable or unit failure)
      • Unit offline/online status
      • Low voltage level
      • Alerts appear in the event log
    • DCS-LAN network topology information for MXC units
    • Activation of LED indication for units in chain and in loop
    • Save and restore CCU settings
    • TPCI commands showing when interpreter audio is present on interpreter channels (interpretation is active)
    • Support for Dual role when used with two MXCMIU-FL/FS front plates connected to the HDMI A and B connectors (supports dual microphones, dual loudspeakers, dual LEDs)
  • MXC615
    • Support for Dual role
  • MXC620
    • Support for Dual role (except NFC ID card functionality in dual mode)
  • MXC640
    • Support for Dual role (except NFC ID card functionality in dual mode)
    • Participant speech timer appears on MXC640 screen when used with SW6000 software
    • Ability in SW6000 software to allow all participants with a specific role (e.g. Delegate) to view or hide the speak/request list on their MXC640 screen
    • Chairman can start/stop meetings on MXC640 (meetings must be set up in SW6000 software)
    • Support for 2-button (Yes/No) voting in standalone mode without SW6000 software
    • Ability to upload startup screen image/logo via Firmware Update Utility
    • Support for up to 1000 agenda items
    • 3 additional screen languages (Thai, Turkish, Lithuanian added; brings total to 17)
    • Interpreter can view the Speak/Request list on MXCIC screen (when used standalone or with SW6000)
    • "Slow" button now active
    • Language Pre-select control behavior changed: Language selection is now activated on release of a pre-select button, in addition to clicking the rotary button to confirm. Also, pressing or turning the rotary button while holding a pre-select button launches the pre-select language list.


  • System
    • VOX mode
    • Shared microphone mode
  • MXC640
    • Messaging
    • System clock
    • Agenda
    • Messaging
    • XLR input


  • MXC640
    • Improvements to result note display
    • All language-based properties at meeting end are reset
    • Info in the top menu is updated


    • Corrected a bug where seat numbers were not sorted in the Participant Setup page
  • MXC640
    • Corrected bugs where
      • it was not possible to set a subject active
      • the Speak button LED did not blink when unit was next in the request list in FIFO mode
      • the unit language is not changed back to system language after the user is logged out or after the meeting is stopping 


  • When the system uses SW6000, voting result labels in TCP/IP control strings are shifted.
  • During boot up, there may be a spike on the analog output.
  • Some units in systems >150 units may not be shown in the Topology report.
  • Some units may reset when cable breaks in a loop on an EX 6010 unit.
  • The Event log in DIS-CCU CGUI does not work when SW6000 is connected and a meeting is started.
  • MXC640
    • When an agenda with max. items and with max. words in the item name and descriptions is received, the GUI may not be responsive for a period of time
    • Manually entered voting results are not shown if a normal voting session has not been started first
    • The agenda subject name for a manually entered result may be wrong
    • It is not possible to use an MXC640 configured as dual unit with SW6000, if the use of NFC cards is enabled
    • Re-doing an attendance check might make the attendance button nonoperational
    • The percent indication in the Voting Result screen may not be correct for user-specified voting configurations
    • The Exclusive button does not work if configured to the function button (left button)


  • MXC and DCS 6000 firmware files are packaged together in the same release file.
  • To operate MXC devices with release version 8.5.0 with other Shure networked systems, see the following list of minimum software and firmware versions:
    • DCS 6000 8.5.0
    • SW6000 6.8.33
    • Shure NFC Programming App 1.0.3