July Webinar: Wireless Solutions for Conference Room Applications

Allison Wolcott | 20/06/2013
The installed sound pro's dream of being able to go wireless and remotely control great-sounding audio gear across an executive campus has become a reality with the new Microflex Wireless Systems.

Wireless Solutions for Conference Room Applications

If running wires simply is not an option in the meeting spaces where you run sound, then you need to discover Microflex Wireless Systems. For signature boardrooms and AV conferencing environments, Microflex Wireless offers advanced Shure wireless technology and the superior, lifelike sound of Microflex® Microphones.

Join us for a 60-minute webinar in which we'll walk you through the system component by component. You'll leave with a solid understanding of what makes Microflex Wireless so powerful, yet easy to use.

This event has already occurred. You can view the archived webinar below:

Happy learning!

Allison Wolcott

Allison Wolcott started singing at Shure and now sings wherever she can. She wishes she were Brandi Carlile, Neko Case, and Johnny Cash all rolled up in a voice box. Her favorite mic is the BETA®87A.