A Guide To A BYOD Enabled Conference Room With The Stem Ecosystem And Barco ClickShare

Stem Ecosystem | 22/06/2022 A Guide To A BYOD Enabled Conference Room With The Stem Ecosystem And Barco ClickShare

Every video conferencing system starts with the same three ingredients: audio, video, and a computer to run the conferencing platform. Whether you have one meeting space or 100, each room varies in size, shape, configuration, and needs, but the need for flexibility remains constant. 

With offices transitioning to a hybrid work model, IT managers are looking to create BYOD meeting spaces with solutions that offer the flexibility their users need for video conferencing and content sharing. So, to help make the process of finding the right solutions easier, we created this guide to break down everything you need to know about BYOD spaces, what you need to equip them, and how to get your BYOD meeting space up and running.

Dedicated Use vs. BYOD

Conference rooms are usually set up in one of two ways to run their video conferencing software: they use a dedicated computer that is always there and can be used by anyone, or they use a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) setup. Dedicated computers are fast and easy since they’re already integrated into the conferencing system, but they don’t have the personalization of BYOD setups.

BYOD rooms let people use their own calendar schedules, contacts, and software, but they can get complicated and may not work if the conferencing system has a lot of different pieces that all need to get plugged into the computer. That’s where the Barco ClickShareTM conferencing system comes into play!

BYOD Setups made Easy

The Barco ClickShare conferencing system eliminates the need for you to rewire the entire conferencing system every time a new user needs to use the conference room. The main ClickShare device acts like a hub where the entire conferencing system can be plugged in and work together. The Barco USB dongle and the Barco application connect the user’s computer to the ClickShare system wirelessly, so as long as the user has access to the dongle or app, they have full access to the camera, displays, and audio.

There is one problem, though – not every device available on the market works with the ClickShare system. Barco keeps an updated list of verified partners and devices that have proven to work with their product - a list that now includes the Stem Ecosystem!

Stem Ecosystem - Barco Certified Audio Solution

Having the right audio is critical to unlocking the productivity and potential of employees, end-users, and customers. We all know that you can still have a successful conference call without video, but if your audio quality is lackluster those calls are over before they can begin.

With Shure’s Stem Ecosystem, IT managers have a straightforward audio solution that in-house IT teams can deploy in any meeting room. The Stem Ecosystem is made up of four audio devices: Table, Wall, Ceiling, and Speaker that work in tandem with two support devices: Control and Hub.

With Stem, you can mix and match devices to create the perfect pickup in every room in your organization.

Creating A BYOD Conference Room With Stem Ecosystem And Barco ClickShare

Need help setting up your new conferencing system? To help users learn how to use both the Barco ClickShare and Stem Ecosystem, we’ve created a handy guide that will walk you through the simple six-step process of putting together your new wireless conference room.

Download the guide here!

Learn more about the Stem Ecosystem’s Barco certification here or start designing your room today!

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