MXA910 usage at the Radboudumc (Radboud University Medical Center) ER

MXA910 usage at the Radboudumc (Radboud University Medical Center) ER

The Radboudumc (Radboud University Medical Center) is the teaching  hospital affiliated with the Radboud University Nijmegen, located in  Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

The trauma room receives many patients and this requires a lot of  nursing staff. On top of that we also have a lot of people in training  and at a certain point, we decided that this was just too many people.  We needed a solution which provided good audio quality to people in  training at a remote location.

Tom Windhouwer, System Integrator BPRvisie, explains, “We have chosen  for the MXA910 because in case of a calamity the nursing staff needs to  be ready very quickly. The MXA910 is basically always ready, with the  push of a button the system works. It cannot be any simpler.”

“We are really happy with the sound, it is intelligible, clear and  background noise is hardly noticeable”, explains Jacco Schutte from  Radboudumc. “With the Ceiling Array, we found a solution that does not  stand in the way and which delivers beautiful sound. I would recommend  it”.

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
MXA910 MXA910 Com seu design elegante para áudio de conferência, o MXA910 elimina toda a bagunça de cabos, deixando o espaço clean e organizado.