Made with MV88: Warehouse Samba


Video sampling and synchronized audiovisual counterpoint create a fusion of contact improvisation and musique concrete. A trio of dancers move through an empty industrial warehouse. Contact improvisation technique creates encounters between bodies and architecture. The sounds created by the dancers interactions with the space serve as concrete music. The video editing explores a counterpoint of synchronous, synchronized and asynchronous relationships between sound and image. The dancers dance to music made from the sounds of their own movements.

  • Sound recorded with a Shure MV88
  • Written, Directed, Composed, Edited and Choreographed by Gabriel Shalom
  • Choreography & Dance: Mandy Cregan, Taylor Eggan, Rachael Lembo
  • Producer & Director of Photography: Luke Buckley
  • Produced by KS12
  • 1st Assistant Director: Fons Schiedon
  • Audio Mastering: Thomas Von Pescatore

©2015 Gabriel Shalom