Fête des Vignerons

Breaking down the barriers of wireless technology.

For three weeks in the summer of 2019, the sleepy Swiss town of Vevey on Lake Geneva came alive when one million visitors participated in the 12th Winegrowers’ Festival. The highlight of the festival is Le Spectacle, a three-hour show performed in a temporary arena featuring 5,500 amateur actors, 1,000 choral singers, and hundreds of musicians. A total of 324 channels of Axient Digital and 40 channels of PSM 1000 were used, making it one of the largest displays of wireless systems ever used in a single venue.

“You can't do a huge project like this without factory support. ...the two big issues - RF and network system - have been operating since early May without a single failure.”

Martin Reich
Head of Audio

David Byrne American Utopia Tour

Turning the impossible into possible.

David Byrne’s vision of a concert tour performed on empty stages filled only with 100% mobile musicians, draped within 125 feet of chain mail and enough musical energy to charge tens of thousands of fans night after night is made possible by Axient Digital wireless technology and Shure in-ear wireless systems. What could go wrong from an audio and RF perspective? Only everything. What has gone wrong? To date, nothing.

“Axient Digital is amazing. This tour wouldn’t exist without it. I don’t think it would be possible. It sounds as good as any wired system I’ve ever heard.”

Pete Keppler
FOH Engineer

Jagged Little Pill

Clean, reliable wireless for professional theater.

Inspired by the timeless songs and themes of the 1995 Alanis Morissette Grammy Award-winning album of the same name, Jagged Little Pill premiered at the renown American Repertory Theater in the summer of 2018 to sold-out audiences. With Axient Digital, Jonathan Deans and A.R.T. sound professionals created a problem-free, clean, and clear wireless solution that delivered both chest-pumping rock audio and appropriately-intimate dramatic sound.

“For this show, intelligibility is really key. Axient Digital is so clear, it is so precise … it feels like the microphones are wired.”

Jonathan Deans
Sound Designer

Britain's Got Talent

Crystal clear digital wireless in the heart of London.

Averaging nearly 10 million viewers each year, "Britain's Got Talent" is one of the UK's top entertainment programs on television. Shot near several West End theaters in London, BGT demands as many as 60 wireless channels available for use each night, which is asking a lot in an ever-diminishing world of spectrum availability. In an effort to get more high-quality, available frequencies for performance, the show's audio team chose Shure Axient Digital.

“Axient Digital was the choice for the performance side... We lost all of the artifacts you get with an analog system. We gained more clarity. We gained more reliability.”

Robert Edwards
Sound Director

The Infinite Hotel

A theatrical and filmic experience in one sitting. A play supported by sound reinforcement, featuring audience participation, while being shot and recorded on a film sound stage.

Justin Timberlake Man of the Woods Tour

80 channels of wireless audio that must work perfectly across three stages in arenas throughout North America and Europe for an entire year – with well over 100 shows and countless planes, trains, automobiles and miles in between.

Shrek The Musical UK Tour

From problem-free operation and remote RF monitoring to easy-to-hide bodypacks that disappear in bulky Shrek suits, Axient Digital redefines digital audio wireless for the professional touring theatre market in the UK.

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