Shure @NAMM: A Conversation with Henry Rollins and Darryl McDaniels

Shure Incorporated | January 23, 2021 Shure @NAMM: A Conversation with Henry Rollins and Darryl McDaniels

Tune in for a NAMM-exclusive conversation with HENRY ROLLINS (Black Flag) and DARRYL MCDANIELS (RUN DMC) as they talk shop about rock n’ roll, hip-hop and the exact moment when RUN DMC changed music forever.

"At this point, rap music is so big – and I'm not a scientist on this – but I would speculate that it’s the biggest music in the world," muses Henry. “It’s infiltrated rock to such a degree that it’s bigger than rock music."

"Yeah, it's the new rock 'n' roll thing," says Darryl.

With NAMM going online this year, this hour-long epic chat between two legends is only viewable at the virtual Shure booth for the next few weeks. But don’t sweat it! You can register for free here. And then check out Henry and Darryl here.

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