All Saints Students Are Being Heard With Stem Tables

All Saints Students Are Being Heard With Stem Tables

Customer Profile

All Saints Catholic School is the first inter-parochial parish in the Diocese of Palm Beach serving students in grades pre-kindergarten through eighth. All Saints was founded in 2003. Since then, All Saints Catholic School has been providing an engaging learning faith-filled environment where students are able to maximize their individual God-given talents and prepare to succeed in an ever-increasing global world.


All Saints Catholic School needed to find a solution that would help them easily transition to distance and hybrid learning for the new school year. They were looking for a solution that would work with their existing technology and video conferencing platform Google Meet for 20 classrooms ranging from pre-k to eighth grade. It was important to them that they found a solution that allowed them to “keep that interaction with the students so it would be almost the same as if they were in school,” explained Michelle Kleisley, Technology Director and Specialist at All Saints. “They all needed to be able to ask questions at any time, interact with the teachers and their friends in the class.”

Specific challenges included:

  • Audio coverage
  • Budget
  • Installation Timeframe


All Saints needed an audio solution that would cover their classrooms for distance learning and work with their existing technology and Google Meet.

After testing out Stem Table devices in the summer, All Saints integrated 20 Stem Tables into their classrooms. “We had a certain budget and we wanted to make sure that we were able to offer this for every grade level. So we decided to go with the combination of a Stem Table and a Huddly Go camera in every classroom,” said Kleisley.

Stem Table in an All Saints classroom




The project provided enhanced classroom collaboration, a high-quality conferencing experience for students and faculty, and safe and effective learning environments.

“The addition of Stem Table has provided our students with a great way to participate both ways and for our teachers to check in with students virtually instead of everything being through an email,” Kleisley explains. With Stem Table sitting on the teacher’s desk in every classroom, “it adds a much more personal touch to the virtual learning experience because now our teachers and students are able to see and hear each other perfectly.”


  • Stem Table used in All Saints Catholic School classroom
  • Stem Table used in All Saints Catholic School classroom

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
Stem Table 20 Con nove microfoni beamforming integrati e un innovativo speaker rivolto verso il basso, Stem Table porta la qualità delle tue riunioni a un livello superiore