Make The World Your Stage: Sharlene-Monique with ‘Life’

Make The World Your Stage: Sharlene-Monique with ‘Life’

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Make The World Your Stage: Sharlene-Monique with ‘Life’

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MAKE THE WORLD YOUR STAGE is back with exclusive live performances from extraordinary up-and-coming artists. SHARLENE-MONIQUE is joined by musician and husband, Chris, to record a new version of her song ‘Life’ at Subfrantic Studios in London.

If you don't yet know Sharlene, she's a singer-songwriter from London who's made it her mission to inspire others to love themselves through soulful melodies influenced by 90s R&B. Sharlene has recently toured with superstar Gabrielle, and she is also a member of The Kingdom Choir. Sharlene performed her song 'Life' at the vibrant Subfrantic Studios using the BETA 87A which captured her vocals and her vibe perfectly. Watch the full performance now:

Next it's time to go behind the scenes and watch the interview with Sharlene where she talks about her inspiration, her unique story, and what it was like to tour with the one and only Gabrielle. Watch the video right here:

So how exactly did we capture this extraordinary performance? We'll show you each microphone that we used in our Behind The Mic video so you can pick up some tips for your next recording! Watch the video now: 



Sharlene-Monique is a London based singer-songwriter whose debut EP 'Destiny' has been streamed over 850,000 times internationally on Spotify.  In 2019 she was awarded for 'Best Performing Artist' & 'Originality/ Inspirational Music' from the women's organisation Voice & Hope'. In 2021 she released her second and third EP titled ‘Perspective’ and ‘Raw and Honest Love’ with influences from the music of Lauryn Hill, Lianne La Havas, Moonchild and Jill Scott. 

She is also the founder and co-host of 3reeMums podcast where she engages in open, honest and free conversation to inspire and empower women. Sharlene’s debut book '31 Diamond Thoughts: Vol.1' is out now and she is currently working on a new project supported by Help Musicians UK.

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