Stem Enables Sims Lohman To Meet Virtually with High-Quality Audio

Stem Enables Sims Lohman To Meet Virtually with High-Quality Audio

Customer Profile

Since 1971, Sims Lohman is the largest kitchen and bath distributor of Masterbrand Cabinetry. Annually, they supply 25,000+ kitchens and fabricate more than 50,000 quartz/granite countertops to industry professionals and their clients. Their B2B market consists of builders, contractors, designers, architects, and some home center stores. Their geographic footprint is positioned across 6 states, and we currently operate 23 showrooms in the continental United States.


Matt was looking to outfit two of his conference rooms with video conferencing so his users could conduct Zoom meetings. They had an existing, “conferencing system that lacked intelligibility, volume, and clarity to the point where we were not able to communicate effectively,” said Johnson. “We also had room configuration issues in that we did not have a conduit in the floor so we also wanted a clean looking room.”

Specific challenges included:

  • Complex configuration issues
  • Poor audio quality
  • Hiring a third party for installation


Matt Johnson, IT Manager at Sims Lohman, needed an audio solution that could be easily integrated into multiple conference room for high quality Zoom meetings. 

When Matt was looking around for a solution he came across Stem Audio and knew he had found exactly what he was looking for. He was able to guide his team in other office locations on how to install Stem devices and get them up and running all on their own.



Matt was able to install all audio components on his own and in no time at all. His rooms have great audio coverage from anywhere in the room and the quality of their meetings are better than ever. “Stem Audio has been excellent. Both the quality of the product and the quality of the people supporting the product! Stem Audio allows us to meet virtually with high-quality intelligible speech without the need for custom installers and certified dealers.”

  • Stem Table side view
  • Stem Hub

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
Stem Ceiling 4 La technologie Stem Ceiling étant centrée sur locuteur, vous ne vous souciez que de votre réunion et la technologie est invisible.
Stem Table 3 Équipé de neuf microphones intégrés, qui optimisent la captation audio, et d’un haut-parleur orienté vers le bas, Stem Table permet un énorme gain qualitatif pour vos réunions.
Stem Hub 6 Hub connecte plusieurs appareils Stem connecté à votre réseau, faisant office de centre de communication audio dans une salle. Hub est doté de plusieurs options de connectivité, dont l'USB Type B, Dante® (Hub seul) et SIP, ainsi que de haut-parleurs analogiques externes.
Stem Wall 2 Avec ses 15 microphones optimisant la captation audio, ses deux haut-parleurs à large bande et ses caissons de graves, Stem Wall peut être fixé dans n’importe quelle salle, permettant ainsi à tous les participants à vos réunions d’entendre et d’être entendus.