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Shure UK | March 9, 2021 Shure and Huddly : Question & Answers

Shure and Huddly have partnered to create a set of networked system product bundles encompassing the Shure Audio Ecosystem, and the Huddly IQ camera. 

To explain in greater detail how the Shure and Huddly Ecosystem bundles will work together, a webinar featuring Shure’s Richard Knott, Senior Manager, Market Development, and Huddly’s Øystein Grimstad, System Architect, was recently filmed to provide greater insight, explain the various applications and also benefits of each bundle.

Below are the delegate questions raised during the webinar and answers from Shure and Huddly. Each question is categorized specifically for Shure and Huddly, along with general questions for both companies. Thank you to all those that attended the webinar and provided such great questions!



Is the MXA-MUTE button Teams certified?

No. The MXA-MUTE interfaces natively with Shure’s automixer and/or mute function, which in turn interfaces with Teams for mute sync. Thus, there is no requirement for the MXA-MUTE itself to have Teams certification.

Does the partnership change anything regarding how I currently buy Shure products?

No. Continue to purchase Shure products and now also the Huddly IQ and accessories through your normal Shure channel.

Are you looking in to certifying Shure products for use with any other VC platforms?

Shure continue to work closely with a range of technology partners with the aim of bringing useful solutions to all our customers. Please tell us if you have a specific requirement. 

Is the IntelliMix Room [IMX-Room] software Microsoft Teams certified?

Currently, no.

Can the ANIUSB-MATRIX be used with MXA910, and AEC will happen on the mic?

Yes. The MXA910, MXA710-2FT and MXA710-4FT all include IntelliMix processing on board, including AEC, NR, AGC, and automixing.

Is the [MXA-MUTE] mute button assignable to other functions of the Shure controllers?

The MXA-MUTE can communicate via ASCII command strings on Port 2202, similar to many of our other networked audio products. These command strings can be interpreted by many third-party control interfaces for your own purposes. 

With the Shure [P300] processor, does connecting it to a PC via a USB allow the room installation to be seen as A/V interface, like a webcam/audio system? Being able to ‘hot swap’ it for laptop use in meeting.

The P300’s USB connection can be used for BYOD audio solutions.

What would you suggest for a client who currently does not have a Dante DSP and is looking to add the MXA910 to their system? (classroom scenario).

Depending on your exact needs you currently have the choice of IntelliMix Room software- based DSP, the ANIUSB-MATRIX, or the IntelliMix P300 Conferencing Processor hardware.



Does the Huddly IQ support USB2.0?

Yes, it will work on USB2.0 if provided with 5V 900mA power.

Can I use the Huddly IQ with USB hubs, extenders, or 3rd-party cables?

Yes. Full details are on the Huddly website.

Can I use more than one Huddly IQ at once?


How can we find out more about the Huddly API?

Information on the API and SDK is on the Huddly website.

Does the Huddly IQ camera do facial recognition (natively)?


Are there color options with the Huddly [IQ] camera?


What length of [USB] cable is bundled with the Huddly IQ?


Will [the Huddly IQ camera] deliver full HD on USB2.0?


How does the Huddly [IQ] identify who is talking?

The Huddly IQ cannot identify who specifically is talking at any one time. 

Are you using Huddly cameras right now?

Yes! Both Richard and Øyvind are using Huddly cameras. 


Shure & Huddly General Questions 

Will you be producing any bundles for trolley or portable systems?

There are currently no bundles developed specifically for portable systems, although many of the meeting room bundles could be repurposed for portable use, with proper prior system design.

Is there a USB hub in the kit?


If the Huddly [IQ] camera is integrated with Shure MXA mics does the camera autotrack to the speaker and zoom in based on the audio of the speaker


Can the Huddly Camera and MXA310 connect to a Thin Client/VDI directly running Zoom/Teams and act as video audio direct?

This would largely depend on the host device. Proper care should be taken to ensure your host device is capable of supporting any Shure or Huddly products via USB and/or networked audio.

Are the systems MS Teams Room Certified?

Shure and Huddly both have a selection of devices already fully certified for use with Microsoft Teams. Please check the Microsoft website for the most up-to-date information.

When will the prices for these bundles be released?

Bundle information and associated pricing is available now. Please contact your local Shure office for more info.

When you said multiplatform, does that include Linux?

Shure: USB audio via P300 is platform agnostic. IMX-ROOM is currently Win10 only.

Huddly: Yes, Linux is supported for the Huddly IQ. The Huddly app is Win and Mac only. 

Do you have recommended hub/dock solutions to tie these elements together?

We don’t currently have any recommendations for that kind of device. 

If connected to Zoom, will the mic and camera firmware be updated at the same time as Zoom is updated?

Shure: Firmware is updated via the Designer or SystemOn software platforms.

Huddly: Firmware is updated via the Huddly desktop app or Windows 10 update. 

Is there any cost saving, with buying the bundles over individual items?

Yes. Please contact your purchasing partner for more details.

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