San Diego Central Courthouse Adopts Shure Microflex Wireless Across 22-Story Downtown Building

San Diego Central Courthouse Adopts Shure Microflex Wireless  Across 22-Story Downtown Building

Customer Profile

The San Diego Central Courthouse provides the court’s central court district with a full-service, consolidated facility for criminal, probate, family court, and small claims services.


The courthouse required a dense deployment of wireless microphones that could accommodate over 300 channels across 71 courtrooms in a heavily-populated and complex RF environment in downtown San Diego.


Stephen Shea, Principal, Stantec, who worked with Shen Milsom & Wilke at the time of the install, selected the Shure Microflex® Wireless (MXW) for its selection of microphones, automatic frequency coordination, selectable transmission rate, transmission encryption, and Dante-compatibility.


Shure’s MXW solution provided courtrooms three different wireless microphone options at an affordable price point. The system’s ability to operate on over 80 channels in a highly-populated environment eliminated potential RF interference.

Commissioned in 2008, the San Diego Central Courthouse opened in 2017 and is the largest project funded under the Senate Bill 1407 court construction program. Located in downtown San Diego, the 704,000-square-foot building replaced the San Diego Country Courthouse and consolidated all the downtown San Diego Superior Court offices into one building. A $555 million dollar project, the new courthouse provided a much-needed replacement to the city’s three previous downtown buildings. Upgrading and digitizing the technology, security, and audio/visual systems became a massive undertaking to accommodate one of the largest buildings in San Diego.

To meet the technical standards of a modern, downtown building, the installation needed to comply with strict criteria and also integrate with other wireless configurations operating in the building. The wireless solution would need to span over 300 wireless channels across the full 22-stories, be Dante-compatible and deployable on a converged network. As the previous courthouse utilized wired microphones, building planners wanted to standardize a system of lavalier, handheld transmitter, and desktop gooseneck wireless microphones.

Additionally, the cost was an important consideration, and integrators were looking for a company that could support the installation. Thus, Stephen Shea—Principal at Stantec, who was working with Shen Milsom & Wilke on this project—and his team turned to Shure’s Microflex® Wireless (MXW) for the necessary array of wireless microphones that could meet the rigorous channel requirements of a large building in a densely-populated, complex RF environment.

Operating on a DECT transmission, MXW was easier to deploy in an area with significant RF traffic and was capable of performing on 80 channels, meeting the building’s qualifications. MXW’s Dante-compatibility and transmission encryption enabled seamless integration with the building’s additional wireless technology on the state’s converged network. Further, the system’s selectable transmission rate and automatic frequency coordination eliminated audio interference across rooms.

The most concerning issue facing integrators was finding an ample number of wireless microphones and a system that could span the capacity of the building while being deployed within budgetary conditions. Shure’s MXW system met the benchmarks needed for a downtown, modern building, and was implemented across the courthouse’s 71 courtrooms. 

“One of the biggest challenges we faced was finding a wireless microphone system that could accommodate the large number of channels required, the density of the deployment, and work within saturated RF environment where the building was being built, all while fitting within our budget,” said Shea. “The Shure Microflex Wireless System was able to meet all those requirements and gave us the audio quality and security we were looking for.”

Providing onsite installation, Shure delivered the three desired wireless microphones configurations to span across each courtroom at an affordable price point. Producing smooth and reliable performance, MXW satisfied San Diego Central Courthouse’s audio specifications.

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
MX410 500 Les microphones à col de cygne sont préparés pour les salles de direction et autres lieux où l'esthétique est importante.
MX415 250 Les microphones à col de cygne sont préparés pour les salles de direction et autres lieux où l'esthétique est importante.
MX418 65 Les microphones MX418 à col de cygne de 18 pouces captent et diffusent l'audio avec fidélité, permettant au public d'entendre ce qu'il a besoin d'entendre et de faire abstraction du reste.
MX400DP 288 Socle de table pour une utilisation avec les microphones Microflex miniature à col de cygne MX405, MX410 et MX415 Shure.
MXWANI4 1 Simplifie la connectivité du système Microflex Wireless situé dans le lieu de conférence, grâce à des entrées et sorties flexibles aux formats analogiques et numériques.
MXWNCS8 76 Station de charge avec 8 emplacements de charge micro, compatible avec le système Microflex Wireless.
MXW1 74 Emetteur ceinture hybride MXW1, doté d’un micro omnidirectionnel intégré et d’une entrée pour micro externe. Compatible avec les systèmes MX Wireless.
MXW2/SM58 71 Emetteur main Microflex Wireless MXW2 équipé d’une capsule SM58
MXW8 157 Emetteur socle pour col de cygne, compatible avec les systèmes Microflex Wireless. Accepte les micros col de cygne modulaires Microflex de 12, 25 et 38 cm
MXWAPT4 71 Point d’accès sans fil 4 canaux de faible épaisseur, pouvant être fixé au mur ou au plafond, compatible avec le système Microflex Wirele
MX392 25 Microphones à effet de surface compacts avec reproduction audio supérieure. La solution idéale pour les salles de conférences
SRH240A 72 Le casque de qualité professionnelle SRH240A est une solution audio d'entrée de gamme qui fournit une large gamme de fréquences, idéale pour l'écoute générale.