Local Office On Aging Can Still Serve Seniors With The Help Of Stem Audio

Local Office On Aging Can Still Serve Seniors With The Help Of Stem Audio

Customer Profile

Since its founding in 1985, the Local Office On Aging has been serving seniors 60 and older in the Roanoke Valley and Alleghany Highlands. Their mission is to help older persons remain independent for as long as possible. They are able to carry out their mission by providing services such as Meals on Wheels, Transportation, Case Management and Insurance Counseling, and more to locals in need.


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the workers at LOA were faced with the challenge of having to quickly find a solution that would allow them to continue to operate and serve the seniors in their area while staying safe. Robbie Boyd explains, “we are a AAA agency that works with Seniors in our local community that is known to provide services and volunteer outreach face to face. When COVID hit our area, we were forced to utilize technology for meetings and providing services. This has been a critical challenge for us here at LOA utilizing laptops and small webcams.”

The agency had experienced poor audio quality with their existing solution, yet other systems were clearly too complex for their elderly users.

“Now our new Zoom set up is an easy one-touch solution through Stem Control and the perfect microphones in Stem Wall allow anyone in the room to be heard.”

Robbie Boyd, CEO & Director of Elder Rights


Robbie Boyd, CEO & Director of Elder Rights, needed an audio solution that worked with Zoom and could be installed without needing to hire an installer.

Boyd discovered the right solution for his meeting room when “one of my IT contacts informed me about Stem Audio and how their devices are easy to work with and easy to set up. He was exactly right because that fits the description of what our experience has been.” LOA installed two Stem Wall devices paired with a Stem Hub without having to hire a third-party and Boyd explains, “I deal with a lot of this equipment outside of work and hands down this is the easiest to set up, run, and utilize.”

Stem Wall microphones installed at the Local Office on Aging


The deployment of Stem Audio devices provided LOA with the high-quality conferencing experience

Stem Wall used at Local Office on Aging

 and environment they needed in order to stay operational and serve the Seniors in their community. “Now, our Zoom set up is an easy one touch solution through Stem Control and the addition of Stem Wall allows anyone in the room to be heard,” says Boyd. “The purchase of this equipment will easily take anyone's professional or casual meetings to the next level.”

The new equipment improved the meeting experience yet enabled fast and affordable implementation.

  • Stem Wall
  • Stem Wall
  • Stem Wall
  • Stem Hub

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
Stem Wall 2 Avec ses 15 microphones optimisant la captation audio, ses deux haut-parleurs à large bande et ses caissons de graves, Stem Wall peut être fixé dans n’importe quelle salle, permettant ainsi à tous les participants à vos réunions d’entendre et d’être entendus.
Stem Hub 1 Hub connecte plusieurs appareils Stem connecté à votre réseau, faisant office de centre de communication audio dans une salle. Hub est doté de plusieurs options de connectivité, dont l'USB Type B, Dante® (Hub seul) et SIP, ainsi que de haut-parleurs analogiques externes.
Stem Control 1 Control vous offre un accès complet à la plateforme Stem et une intégration parfaite aux plateformes de visioconférence les plus populaires pour des réunions en toute simplicité.