Asian Parliamentary Assembly 2019

Asian Parliamentary Assembly 2019

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BANGKOK / THAILAND , FEBRUARY 12, 2019 - Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) was established in 2006 to promote peace and a concrete framework for regional cooperation to strengthen human rights protection and democracy in Asia and the world. The Assembly is comprised of 42 Member Parliaments and 16 Observers. It provides a forum to parliamentarians to exchange views, ideas, and experiences for developing common strategies, and foster cooperation and coordination.

The Thai House of Parliament is one of the founding members of APA and was host of the Meeting of the APA Standing Committee on Social & Cultural Affairs which took place from 12–15 February 2019 at the Amari Watergate Bangkok Hotel.


The Meeting of the APA Standing Committee required a conferencing system to enable discussion between international parliamentarians, as well as simultaneous interpretation for delegates. Five interpretation booths were requested to support language interpretation for Thai, Russian, Arabic, Persian, and Turkish.

The Thai Parliament who organized the meeting had bad experiences with locally provided low cost equipment in the past, including faults during preparation meetings. The client had zero tolerance for mistakes or any malfunctioning of either the interpretation, conferencing, or other audio-visual and lighting equipment.

Thai-based rental company Mighty MICE, a member of the Shure Conferencing Network (SCN), was selected to execute the event based on their high-profile experience and outstanding past references of governmental conferences such as the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Bangladesh and ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA), and Lao PDR Parliament.


The SCN Rental Partner provided a Shure DDS5900 Digital Discussion System with 50 DC5980P Discussion Units. To address the multi-language needs, 10 IS6132P Interpretation Units were set up in five interpretation booths, and a Digital Infrared Audio Distribution System was deployed with 200 DR6032 Digital Receivers for parliamentarians and delegates.


The team of Mighty MICE wirelessly controlled and monitored the simultaneous interpretation system and conference units using a tablet. The technician could turn microphones on and off as needed, and configure the system in real time. In terms of international conference support, the client considered this a technically advanced and highly professional service.


Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
DDS 5900 Le système, avec ses capacités de conférence, d’interprétation simultanée et la distribution de deux langues couvre la majorité des besoins.
DIS-CCU L’unité centrale DIS-CCU basée sur un puissant microprocesseur est le centre de contrôle des systèmes DDS5900 et DCS 6000. + Modes opératoires : Automatique, FIFO, Vox et Manuel + 3 modes de capacité d'interruption de délégué + Jusqu’à 8 microphones ouverts simultanément + Coupure automatique des microphones et cryptage audio pour prévenir le risque d’écoute clandestine
IS 6132 P L’unité dispose de quatre relais de langues, deux canaux de sortie et supporte 32 canaux (31 canaux d’interprétation + canal principal (Floor)) avec plusieurs modes de verrouillage.
DIR Le système de distribution audio numérique infrarouge (DIR) fait partie du système de conférence numérique DCS 6000 et propose un équipement pour la transmission d’un son de haute qualité ou de l’interprétation simultanée pour toutes les tailles de salle.