Microflex® Advance™ MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone Provides Flexibility and Clarity at KPMG’s U-Collaborate Space

5/07/2019 Microflex® Advance™ MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone Provides Flexibility and Clarity at KPMG’s U-Collaborate Space

Unlike conventional sound reinforcement systems, Voice Lift boosts the frequency range most critical for intelligibility, restoring the natural speech level for far-end participants within a room by increasing speech level 3 to 6 dB. The effect is so subtle that participants notice the difference as soon as the system is turned off.

KPMG’s U-Collaborate pace is a bespoke, innovative environment that combines problem solving expertise and powerful SME insights to help client’s overcome complex challenges, such as strategy, transformation delivery or a new operating model, with the ability to host live events of up to 120 participants all working rapidly in parallel to co-create effective solutions, delivering months of work in just one to three days.

“A lot of the work we do is actually conversation,” says Paul Guy, Collaboration Solutions Engineer, KPMG. “It’s people talking to people, from different parts of the business, understanding their different vantage points. We need to make communication very easy.”

When it came to choosing a system to allow easy, flexible communication within the KPMG meeting room – which is a very large event space capable of seating 80 people at a time – the company approached AV specialist Pro AV to find a single solution that could cope with the complex issues surrounding the installation, with voice lift also a requirement of the project.

“KPMG contacted me to come up with potential solutions which would alleviate the requirement for handheld and lapel microphones during a normal session,” explains Jon Maguire, Client Direct Sales Manager, Pro AV. “The quality of the MXA910 in my mind is superior to anything out there on the market.”

“There’s a whole group of people that actually view a microphone with horror,” adds Guy. “The great thing about using the MXA910 with voice lift is they take all of that away. You no longer have to give out microphones to people; all they have to do is talk and they’re picked up immediately.

“It’s made collaboration much easier.”

The flexibility of MXA910 means the system is also more than adequate for use in video conferencing situations, especially when bringing in a remote participant, with the MXA910s used alongside voice lift system.

“That discussion is as though the person was in the room. It’s only when you turn it (voice lift) off that people notice the difference,” reveals Guy.

Shure’s MXA910 excels at focused conversation because it features Steerable Coverage™ and built-in automatic mixing, helping capture every voice with pinpoint accuracy anywhere in the room.

The automatic positioning feature in Shure’s Designer System Configuration Software makes it easy to adjust lobe coverage, so businesses like KMPG get the most out of the meeting conversation.

The MXA910 can easily connect to the vast ecosystem of Shure and third-party networked audio devices like Dante™ and AES67.

Shure Network Audio Encryption can be enabled when used with the IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor or Shure Audio Network Interfaces, which utilize AES-256 technology to protect confidential content.