Germany’s Federal Joint Committee Chooses Shure Microflex® Complete

Germany’s Federal Joint Committee Chooses Shure Microflex® Complete


Tasked with implementing important health reform bills and directives across Germany, the Federal Joint Committee, a group of leading public health agencies, required a comprehensive and flexible conferencing solution for a range of large and small meeting and conference spaces at its new headquarters, which is located near Berlin’s Tiergarten.

During the move to the new headquarters, a decision was made to migrate from older, analogue technology to a new, state-of-the-art digital system, along with moving away from projector technology and utilising modern touch screen displays, with the addition of audio induction loops for the hard of hearing.


Berlin-based AV specialists, PIK AG, selected a Shure Microflex® Complete digital conference system, installing a total of 141 MXC615 table-top conferencing units that can be selected for operation in chairperson mode, delegate mode or shared mode if two delegates are using the same unit, along with 16 DIS-CCU control units that act as a central system node, managing and powering the conference units, while providing additional channels for interpreters if needed. 


A comprehensive, flexible conference system that maximises the technology available, enabling a wide range of table-top configurations, along with a cost-effective AV solution that will give superior audio clarity for many years to come.

“From both a business and technology standpoint, we have to offer a cost-effective system that needs to be sourced from reliable providers so that we can extend, replace or repair system components, in the medium term if necessary,” said PIK’s Andreas Eckhardt.

“As a solution provider, working with a manufacturer like Shure is crucial, with the Microflex Complete system completely fulfilling these criteria.”

“The results speak for themselves,” added Thomas Gutekunst of the Federal Joint Committee.

“Our experience was very positive, mirroring the feedback we’ve received from meeting participants discussing the touch panels that make the paging stations so easy to use.”

Gear List

Model Number Cantidad Descripción
MXC615 141 Unidad Portátil de Conferencia para el uso del presidentes y delegados, con controles intuitivos y audio claro para reuniones eficaces y productivas.
DIS-CCU 16 Esta unidad de control central DIS-CCU es una unidad basada en un potente microprocesador y diseñada para los sistemas DDS 5900 y DCS 6000. + Modos operativos: automático, FIFO (primero en entrar, primero en activarse), VOX (activación por voz) y manual. + 3 modos de interrupción microfónica. + Hasta 8 micrófonos abiertos simultáneamente. + Apagado automático de las unidades de conferencia y audio codificado para evitar escuchas ilegales.