EDHEC Business School chooses MXA and MXW systems for its campuses.

EDHEC Business School chooses MXA and MXW systems for its campuses.

Customer Profile

Founded in 1906 in Lille, the EDHEC Business School is one of Europe’s top 15 business schools. World renowned in finance, the school distinguishes itself with 2 innovation centres and more than 180 world-class professors and researchers.

With campuses in Lille, Paris, Nice and Singapore, EDHEC counts almost 8000 students across its different programmes. Directly linked with major international economic centres and equipped with state of the art technologies, the Lille campus embodies the dynamism of EDHEC and its innovative strategy.

Within the project to update its audio-visual infrastructure, the EDHEC IT department selected Shure (through integrator INS Vidéo Côte d’Azur) to equip all its classrooms with MXW wireless and MXA910 ceiling microphones. The objective was to replace existing analogue cables with audio over IP for more flexibility and scalability. 


EDHEC needed wireless microphones that would satisfy the requirements of a school renowned for its modern teaching methods based on digital technologies. They needed a solution that would : 

  • Guarantee high quality audio
  • Eliminate technical constraints
  • Adapt to changing room configurations.

Flexible, innovative and easy to deploy, the Shure solutions were chosen by EDHEC to deliver the ambition for a digital audio network that could separate the antennas (access points) from the microphone deployment . Another requirement of a digital campus is the ability to digitally record and stream courses. EDHEC also chose Shure for its ability to provide microphones that offer the users (professors, speakers, students) the freedom to speak, along with unparalleled listening comfort.


Classrooms for courses and events must be able to accommodate multiple microphones. With traditional wireless technology, this would mean multiple receivers. Thanks to the MXW system, all microphones are centralised at reception and are assigned to any room in under three seconds through a control system. This provides real time monitoring of deployment, battery status and location. Up to 8 microphones can be connected to an access point. In the case of distance learning, it is imperative for the remote site to be able to follow the course as though participants are in the classroom. EDHEC chose the MXA910 ceiling microphone because it allows users to manage dynamically the way the audio is captured, while ensuring a natural, intelligible, comfortable and efficient experience.


A simplified install with substantial cost savings and up to 8 microphones connected to one access point. A clear glitch-free video conference, with a minimum of gear and ease of use. With seamless integration into the classroom, the MXA910 supports smooth and natural interactions within a classroom setting: an unobtrusive microphone that is quickly forgotten.

Gear List

Model Number Cantidad Descripción
MXA910 Micrófono de array de techo que ofrece una cobertura de audio configurable e invisible desde el techo, en salas de cualquier tamaño y forma.
MXWAPT8 Transceptor de punto de acceso inalámbrico de 8 canales que asigna frecuencias limpias a micrófonos inalámbricos para conferencias.
MXW1 Transmisor de petaca híbrido, compatible con los sistemas inalámbricos Microflex, que incluye una entrada por jack y una pinza de cinturón para uso en conferencias.
MXW2/SM58 Incluye el transmisor de mano MXW2 y la cápsula SM58 para presentaciones y conferencias.
MXW6 Transmisor de superficie con un diseño discreto y opciones de patrón polar cardioide u omnidireccional, para conferencias y presentaciones.
MXW8 Base transmisora para micrófono de cuello de cisne, compatible con los sistemas inalámbricos Microflex, con un diseño estilizado que complementa cualquier instalación para conferencias.
MXWAPT8 Transceptor de punto de acceso inalámbrico de 8 canales que asigna frecuencias limpias a micrófonos inalámbricos para conferencias.
MXWNCS8 Estación de carga en red de 8 puertos que permite cargar transmisores de petaca, de micrófonos de mano, de superficie y de tipo flexo, uno en cada puerto.
MXWANI8 La interfaz de red de audio simplifica la conectividad inalámbrica Microflex de sistemas audiovisuales de conferencias de 8 canales.