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TwinPlex Takes the Stage
After years in development followed by extensive field-testing in the most high-profile events and shows ever, TwinPlex microphones are ready for prime time. Product Manager John Born explains what it took to create one of the most complex microphones Shure has ever built.
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Top Mic Placement Tips for Theater
Using microphones for theater productions brings a unique set of challenges. UK sound engineer Zoe Milton offers her top mic placement tips for the …
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Look, Ma! No Wires! How Wireless Microphones Changed Theatre
Zoe Milton, stage sound engineer and Administrator at the ASD, the UK's Association of Sound Designers, reflects on how improvements in wireless …
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From Rock & Roll to Rocky Horror with Theatre Sound Designer, Gareth Owen
Gareth Owen is an acclaimed British sound designer whose portfolio includes many of the world's biggest musical theatre spectaculars, including …