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Shure Webinar: Lavalier Mic Techniques for Theater


In this live stream, join Shure associates and professional sound designers Ray Nardelli and Stephanie Farina to show us how to rig and mount lavaliers on actors for different applications for theater. We'll cover the tools needed and tricks used by the pro's, and will demonstrate placement of mics on the forehead and building an ear rig on live talent. We'll also cover sweat mitigation, painting, placement consistency, cleaning, Shure products for theater, and Q/A.

We will be using TwinPlex lavaliers along with Axient Digital Wireless during the broadcast. To learn more about TwinPlex, visit https://shu.re/2HxhCiH. To learn more about Axient Digital, visit https://shu.re/2HxL1sV.

Here is a list of all the Items and tools covered in the video. Most are available on Amazon:

  • SkinPrep® wipes by Smith&Nephew (Use before adhering tapes to skin)
  • 3M Tegaderm® tape
  • 3M Transpore® Tape
  • Alcohol wipes (for skin prep and to remove paint/residue from cable)
  • UniSolve® Adhesive remover (for removing Tape Residue)
  • Compressed Air (for preventing sweat outs)
  • Hellerman Tool.
  • Hellerman Sleeves: Sizes H15/H20. Pink
  • Hand Sanitizer (Lubrication to install sleeves onto Hellerman tool)
  • Copic® Markers for painting cables. (permanently colors them)
  • Liquitex Arcylic Paint (more easily removed)
  • Melatonin Shoe Polish (Spray can) (more easily removed)
  • Millinery wire (cloth-covered) 17-19 gauge (approx. 1mm for ear-rigs)
  • Floral Wire (for aiming the mic near the element)
  • Toupee Clips-smallest size available.
  • Elastic Cord-1mm (for attaching mic to Toupee clips)
  • Clear Nail polish (for preventing frayed elastic cord)