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VP83 or VP83F Setting for Specific Cameras
October 16, 2017

Sorry, we do not have have recommend setting for specific cameras. There are far too many camera models and far too many different audio scenarios. Re ...

VP83F with iPhone
September 15, 2017

To use the VP83 with an iPhone requires the use of an adapter cable, such as this one: ...

Audio for Video: Sound Elements and Ambience
September 13, 2017

What are sound elements?Sound elements are components of sound that are recorded during the production process and then edited together to create the ...

VP83 and VP83F common usage questions
September 1, 2017

1.     The VP83 User Guide has recommendations for its proper operation.  As an example, use the camera's manual aud ...

VP83 hints for video production
September 1, 2017

Start with proper gain staging.Proper gain staging on your VP83 LensHopper starts with the preamp. Your loudest (peak) level should be between -12db a ...

VP83 Rycote Windjammer Installation
August 14, 2015

The VP83 foam windscreen remains in place.The Rycote is a snug fit and is designed to be snug.Place the Rycote over the front of the mic. Have the fla ...

Rycote Windjammer Fur and Maintenance
July 6, 2015

Rycote windjammers are made from a synthetic fur and have are “Pile” backing rather than a “Woven” backing. The issue with fur ...

VP83 and VP83F - DC blocking capacitors
July 6, 2015

Yes.The VP83F has DC blocking capacitors and diode clamps on the headphone output and the camera audio output. The diode clamps limit any voltage ...

VP83 and VP83F Audio Output Configuration
August 29, 2013

VP83 and VP83F Audio Output to Camera: Tip and Ring are the same monaural signal (dual mono); Sleeve is ground.VP83F Headphone Output: Tip = left; Rin ...