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Do the SM58 and SM57 mics have the same frequency response curves?
January 15, 2019

The SM58 and SM57 do use the same cartridge. The grill, though, does affect the frequency response to some extent. At a distance, the difference is pr ...

Gaming headset for PC/PS4/XBOX
April 12, 2018

While Shure does not offer "gaming specific" products, we do have a few gamers within the company who have tested some our products out that ...

Acoustical concepts of the Unidyne III microphone
April 11, 2018

Yes. Ernie Seeler, developer of the Unidyne III, presented his AES paper on October 12, 1960. See the below PDF.A Small Unidirectional Dynamic Probe M ...

How does the sound quality of the 55SH compare to the SM58?
March 2, 2018

These microphones do sound different from each other. The cartridges are quite different. Overall, the SM58 will sound better than the 55SH. ...

SM58 to mike my guitar amp?
March 2, 2018

The SM57 is the most common mic used to mike a guitar amp. The SM58 is same as the SM57, except the SM58 has a ball-shaped grille. Either model is a g ...

Can I get SM58 labels for my old microphones?
March 2, 2018

Current production of SM58 microphones do not use labels, as the letters are tampo printed directly onto the microphone. Unfortunately, we no longer h ...

Comparing sensitivity of SM57 and SM58
March 2, 2018

The 1 Pascal rating that you quote for the SM57 is using a 94 dB SPL input level. That is, 1 Pascal is equal to a sound pressure level of 94 dB.The SM ...

SM57 and SM58 Wiring Specifications
March 2, 2018

As with all of our current microphones, on the XLR connector pin 2 is in-phase audio (hot), pin 3 is out-of-phase audio (cold), and pin 1 is shield. W ...

Has the SM58 always been shipped with the XLR connector Pin 2 Hot?
March 2, 2018

Yes, the SM58 has always been supplied with Pin 2 hot. As a general rule, Shure products use Pin 2 hot in a balanced output configuration. Also, Pin 2 ...

Will phantom power damage my SM58?
March 2, 2018

No. Any dynamic microphone with a low impedance balanced output, like the SM58, is not affected by phantom power.Phantom Power will not damage a profe ...