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Using Mix Mode to get 4 PSM mixes
July 16, 2007

Yes, it is possible to do exactly what you suggest. Note, though, that the separation between the mixes that are on the same transmitter will only be ...

Will the U4 fit in the WA590 case?
July 16, 2007

No. The U4 receiver will not fit in the WA590 carrying case. The WA590 can be used with any of our 1/2 rack size receivers. ...

Green Bullet without volume control?
July 16, 2007

Unfortunately, no. The 520DX is the only version of the Green Bullet that is currently sold. The 520DX has a volume control. ...

Wireless microphone for 4 story building
July 16, 2007

At 03/07/2001 08:58 AM we wrote - That depends on how large the floors are, the construction material used in the floors, the construction material us ...

SCM268 rack ears
July 16, 2007

The SCM268 comes with all of the rack hardware needed. If you have lost the original rack hardware, you can order new ones from our Parts Department a ...

Replacements for stolen T Series wireless
July 16, 2007

1. Yes. Just order a T1G bodypack transmitter on the same frequency as the receiver. You can purchase this only through a Shure dealer. The T series h ...

UHF compatibility with other Shure UHF systems
July 16, 2007

The U2/Beta 87 microphone could be used with a UC receiver as long as the receiver was in the same frequency band as the transmitter. The frequency ba ...