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UHF-R, WWB and Mac - App Nap
February 13, 2019

It is likely that WWB is being "put to sleep" by the App Nap that is built into Mavericks. When you switch away from the Desktop containing ...

Wireless Workbench 6 install help with Mac OSX Mavericks
February 13, 2019

Apple Mavericks OS has a securirty feature called "Gatekeeper", which attempts to prevent the operation of software that wasn't purchase ...

Custom molds for earphones: how to, what, and where?
February 11, 2019

Custom sleeves offer the ultimate in personal fit, and in some cases offer even better sound isolation than the universal sleeves included with Shure ...

P4800 RS232 Codes - AMX / Crestron Subprograms
January 25, 2019

The RS232 codes can be found in the following document:P4800 RS232 Commands and Connection InstructionsAMXThe zipped file contains AMX library files a ...

A910-JB pictures and dimensions
January 23, 2019

The knockouts are for standard 1/2" and 3/4" conduit. ...

Do the SM58 and SM57 mics have the same frequency response curves?
January 15, 2019

The SM58 and SM57 do use the same cartridge. The grill, though, does affect the frequency response to some extent. At a distance, the difference is pr ...

Did Shure ever make an OEM microphone for RCA?
January 14, 2019

Yes. Around 1940, Shure provided a Model 399 crystal microphone to RCA. It was likely an accessory for RCA two-way radio equipment. The Model 399 w ...

"Device not connected" error message
January 10, 2019

A likely reason for this is the computer's firewall blocking specific ports. Make certain the computer's firewall has port 8180 TCP open. ...

Shure TTR-121 test record
January 9, 2019

Created in 1988, the TTR-121 was designed to test trackability, i.e., the ability for the stylus to maintain contact with the record groove.The record ...