WWB6 Unable to Recognize PSM1000 Transmitter

Date Updated: October 17, 2019 FAQ #4110


I have networked a PC with the latest WWB6 software to several PSM1000 Transmitter (model P10T) units. The PC and transmitters are properly networked using a router, the IP addressing and subnet masks are verified, and I can successfully ping the transmitters from the PC. However, WWB6 cannot find the networked transmitters. What is missing?


After checking that the network configuration is correct, it is possible that a mismatch in the firmware version of the P10T transmitter and the required firmware version for interoperability with WWB6 software is preventing communications.
First, it is recommended to verify that the latest version of WWB6 software is loaded in the computer. If a newer version of WWB6 is available, download and install it.
Next, check the firmware version of the P10T transmitter. This can be determined from the transmitter front panel display window in either of two ways: 1) Power cycle the unit, and watch for the firmware version to be displayed in the right window during boot-up; or 2) From the front panel menu buttons, press "Util", then "Network" - the transmitter firmware version is displayed at the bottom of the window.
Download the Shure Update Utility and check that the P10T is on the latest firmware.
Once the P10T transmitter firmware is updated to the latest level, WWB6 will find the transmitters and report them as online.