Woodstock Music Festival Stage Microphone

Date Updated: October 29, 2018 FAQ #5443
What Shure model was the primary stage microphone for the Woodstock Festival in August 1969?

Based on photos and film from Woodstock, the onstage microphones were the Shure Unisphere I Model 565. The 1969 standard version of the Model 565 employed a four pin Amphenol output connector and did not have an on/off switch. The U.S. retail price was then $100.

However, the Woodstock 565 microphone model had an XLR male as the output connector. Some mics had been modified to accept a female XLR cable connector; a machined metal collar was added to the mic handle to hold the 3 pin male XLR connector. Other Woodstock 565 mics had an XLR male as the output, but there was no metal collar adapter.

In 1973, Shure introduced the model 565D; it had an XLR male output and no on/off switch. It was the equivalent of the mic used at Woodstock. Bill Hanley, the primary live sound engineer at Woodstock, claimed Shure manufactured a small batch of "custom" mics for use at Woodstock. As Woodstock was in 1969, and the 565D was introduced in 1973, Mr. Hanley's assertion appears to be correct.